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Opera DAC 16

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  • SpAct memory architecture and Linear technology have been applied in the whole USB and built-in DAC section, where the received digital signal from the computer is checked, clock corrected and decoded thoroughly. SpAct memory architecture is set within the data path establishing smoother data flow so that the final audio has the lowest possible jitter. This ensures that the built-in DAC section is able to be fed information with both higher data integrity and lower jitter. This is the real DAC section, using our famous Linear technology developed originally for the well received CD120 linear CD-player, that converts a precise recovery of data a to high quality analog signal. The result is a no smearing effect caused by digital filtering and superb transient response without any over-shooting in sound.

    Specification: Convertidor digital / analogico. Entradas USB, digital coaxial. Muy buena calidad de sonido.

    DAC resolution : 16bit TDA1543
    0dBFS signal output : 2.35V RMS
    Output Terminals : Gold plated RCA unbalanced
    Input Terminals : Gold plated RCA unbalanced SPDIF input, USB input.
    Frequency response : Less than +/- 0.5 dB deviation 20Hz-20kHz
    Phase response : Less than 5 degrees deviation 20Hz-20kHz
    Signal-to-noise ratio : More than 100dB
    Crosstalk : Less than -100dB
    Distortion (RCA) : Less than 0.12 %


    Opera DAC 16

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