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The C 426 FM/AM Tuner builds on the strengths of previous NAD tuners by offering reception quality that rivals that of today’s broadcasts. We have carried forward our highly sensitive RF Front End for cleaner reception in fringe reception areas, and noise is extremely low across the audio spectrum. In line with global concern about climate change, we have completely redesigned the power supply for improved efficiency and ultra-low power consumption (<0.5W) during standby while still allowing all remote activation and control interfaces. The rear panel IR Input and RS-232 port allow the C 426 to be easily integrated with sophisticated system controllers used in custom installation. We also have one of the most intuitive user interfaces in the market utilizing a 24-position rotary encoder knob to more quickly tune stations or select preset stations.

producto agotado, sustituido por NAD C427 

•RDS PS (Station name) and RT (Radio text)
•8 Character preset naming capability for AM & non-RDS stations
•30 Station random presets (AM or FM)
•VFL display
•MOS-FET RF Front End
•RS-232 Interface
•IR Input
•NAD Full Function Remote Control
•<0.5W Standby power consumption
With 30 presets available you can store all your favourite radio stations in any combination of AM and FM stations (for example, 25 presets for FM and 5 for AM, or 17 for FM and 13 for AM). To avoid having to scroll through 30 presets, the un-programmed (empty) ones are skipped to give you quick access to all your stations.

Instead of littering the front panel with buttons and features that are hardly ever used, the C 426 concentrates on convenience in daily operation. The RDS limits itself to the RDS PS (Program Service) and RT (Radio Text) function, both of which enhance ease of operation. The RDS PS will automatically indicate the name of the radio station you are listening to in the display. At the touch of a button, RDS RT will display additional information broadcast by the radio station, such as the presenter, the music playing, etc.

For AM and non-RDS stations the C 426 FM/AM Tuner allows you to name each preset individually with up to eight characters. Once you have named your presets you don't need to remember which frequency goes with what radio station, as the name is indicated in the display every time the preset is recalled. All the preset information is stored in the C 426's non-volatile memory, which means it will remember all of its preset information even if the unit has been unplugged for a prolonged period.

Auto Search automatically stops at the next strong radio signal and optimises tuning. Weaker radio stations can be tuned into manually. Stations that are quiet in Mono but noisy in Stereo can benefit from the “Blend” feature that narrows stereo separation and improves noise. FM Mute eliminates inter-station tuning noise and only allows strong and clear stations to emerge from the silent background.

The C 426 FM/AM Tuner also offers features to get the maximum out of the airwaves. The MOS-FET RF Front End design together with high quality components and careful PCB layout guarantees excellent sensitivity with low intermodulation distortion to provide quiet and musically satisfying performance.

Although AM can never reach the quality of any FM transmission, the C 426's AM section retains excellent clarity together with lowest possible background noise.

Whether you are looking for excellent performance, ease-of-use or the convenience of RDS, the C 426 FM/AM Tuner offers all these with the low price to high performance ratio for which NAD is so renowned.

NAD C426

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