Magnum Dynalab MD-90T


Magnum Dynalab MD-90T - Sintonizador de FM. Display digital. Auto Blend RF. 3 secciones amplificación. Salida a válvulas (triodos)

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Sintonizador FM con salida a válvulas (triodo) 3 secciones de amplificación de señal Developed to co-exist with the MD 90, the MD 90T is also a successor to the FT101A, one of the most sensitive, selective and sonically accurate FM tuners of our time. The MD 90T continues the tradition by re-defining state-of-the-art in analog FM tuner design. As did the FT-101A, the MD-90T combines the very latest in discrete, analog technology. In addition to its highly renowned MOSFET front end, which provides 3 stages of very careful and precise RF amplification, we have added the Triode audio section, which includes a Philips military grade 6922 tube in the amplification stage. This addition provides audio realism and the bigger sound stage characteristics heard only through the tube experience. In addition to the features offered by the FT 101A, the MD-90T now offers even greater selectivity in order to deal with urban signal congestion. The in-house manufactured 3-stage RF front end is sure to extract the most intricate signals from amongst the milieu of FM congestion that abounds in today's urban markets. Additional support is given through our custom Auto Blend RF Circuit, which constantly monitors and varies your stereo separation insuring optimal "stereo quieting" during your listening sessions. The MD-90T now incorporates all functions in a totally redesigned motherboard. This integration has provided the necessary design efficiencies to allow consistently higher levels of selectivity to be maintained. Along with added selectivity, the MD-90 has a redesigned power supply circuit that maintains the tuner circuitry at standby at all times when the tuner is connected to a live AC source. The MD-90T can also house the Precision Analog Remote System inside the chassis, allowing for precise analog tuning from well beyond a pragmatic range. Why Analog? Magnum Dynalab specializes in the research and development of ANALOG FM tuners as well as antennas. Many people question why we are one of the only companies that continue to build a truly ANALOG FM tuner and ANALOG remote control. The answer is very simple. The best SOUND can only be produced when the signal received by the tuner is tuned and maintained in the ANALOG domain. By maintaining the signal in the ANALOG domain the customer has infinite tuning across the FM band; this is achieved by the use of a knob instead of the pushbutton step function tuning offered by a digital tuner. Because of our design in the manufacturing cycle, the front end and the IF (intermediate frequency) amplifiers are precision aligned, which guarantees that all specifications are met all the time; this is not possible in a digitally tuned tuner, as they are dependent on the tolerances of the components. By calibrating and aligning the IF (intermediate frequency) amplifiers we are optimizing SOUND, SENSITIVITY and SELECTIVITY. We ask that you listen and compare any of our tuners against the competitors' similarly priced units and decide. Features & Benefits In-House Design of 3-stage Tuning Front End - A legacy of all Magnum Dynalab analog tuners, our technicians manage and control all elements of this critical component, ensuring an optimum balance between sensitivity, selectivity and sound. Matched Philips military grade 6922 tube in the amplification stage - providing the distinct audio inflection heard only with tube technology .093 thick printed circuit board - minimizes any residual vibration in the chassis Shielded Torroidal Transformer - reduces the noise floor of the tuner Dual, keyed automatic gain control (AGC) - Monitors and maintains program signal level and clarity, along with providing a dramatic reduction in interference from strong, local stations. BW 1/ BW 2 bandwidth control - Switchable to effectively control annoying sideband interference. Mute circuit - noise-activated with manual defeat switch. Auto Blend RF circuit - automatically monitors and varies stereo separation insuring optimal "stereo quieting" during your listening sessions. Stereo/Mono Mode - User switchable. Digital frequency display - Independent frequency counter derives input from tuner's local oscillator section and displays in soft, amber 0.5" LED numerals. Large, easy-to-read panel meters provide continuous monitoring of RF input level, multipath interference level and center-tune condition. Frequency tuning is via a precision potentiometer which provides a precise, regulated voltage for the tuning varactors. Visual output is via the digital frequency display. The actual tuning mechanism consists of an ultra smooth, large, front panel control knob. Function switching is provided through tactile, toggle switches


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