Brinkmann Audio Spyder

Brinkmann Spyder

giradiscos con base para brazos de 9 o 12 pulgadas. 
Precio de 11.990 € sin brazo ni capsula. Incluye motor Sinus

11.990 €
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Spyder Attributes and Technical Specifications 

Drive Mechanism: Belt drive using Sinus 4 -Phase, 12-Pole motor
Power Supply: External solid-state power supply, optional RöNt II vacuum-tube power supply
Bearing: Hydrostatic zero-maintenance bearing
Platter: Resonance-optimized anodized aluminum alloy; crystal-glass platter mat / clamp
Chassis: Resonance-optimized anodized aluminum alloy; flexible, mounted jigs for 1 to 4 tonearm bases, specially shaped for resonance cancelling
Tonearm Base: Quick Release, rigid play-free base rotates for simple and precise tonearm adjustment. Accepts all tonearms between 9” and 12" effective length, as well as several linear tracking tonearms
Connectors: RCA, XLR or feed-through for tonearms with 5-pin DIN connectors
Speed: 33 1/3 and 45 RPM, selectable by a switch; LED indicator for speed (33 1/3 = green, 45 = red)
Deviation from nominal speed: 0.0% (adjustable)
Fine adjustment of speed: ± 10% with trim pot
Wow & Flutter: 0.07% linear, 0.035% weighted DIN 45507
Speed-Up Time: 6-8 seconds (33 1/3 / 45 RPM)
Rumble (Noise): -66 dB (test record DIN 45544); -70 dB (measuring adapter) Weight: Total 20,7 kg (Bearing w/ 1 jig and tonearm 4,9 kg, Platter 9,8 kg); Power Supply 3,2 kg; Motor 2,8 kg


Brinkmann Spyder

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