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Wilson Audio Sophia 3

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Sophia, from the Greek, denotes "enlightened knowledge..." When Sophia™ was introduced in 2001, it quickly knocked the audio world on its ear, collected rave reviews in all sectors of the audio press, and achieved a kind of cult status. It is no small thing to improve upon something so special as Sophia. The design team knew that in developing Alexandria X-2, MAXX Series 2, and the new Duette, they had uncovered new technologies that, if applied to Sophia, would improve her performance. So, with a protective eye on preserving those qualities that imbued Sophia with her intrinsic grandeur, Wilson Audio set out to improve on her strengths through an application of these new technologies. Introducing Sophia Series 2. Anti-Jitter technology reduces interaction among the drivers and reduces the noise floor. The music emerges from a blacker background. Bass-Alignment technology achieves bass that is at once deeper, faster, and more articulate. Anti-Diffraction technology applied to the tweeter diminishes back wave interference in the time and frequency domain. Sophia Series 2 is more holographic, more detailed, and sweeter. Finally, Wilson's new recessed pin-mounted grilles give Sophia Series 2 a sleek, elegant presence in your room. And if you already own a pair of original Sophias, the good news is that your speakers can be factory-upraded to all the sonic benefits of the new Series 2. Speci: Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms, 3 Ohms min. Woofer: One 10 inch Midrange: One 7 inch Tweeter: One 1 inch Inverted Titanium Dome Sensitivity: 89 dB @ 1 watt (2.00V at 1 meter) Minimum Amplifier Power: 7 WPC Frequency Response: (with port contribution) +0, -3dB 29 Hz - 22.5 kHz


Dimensions: Height: 41.25 inches Width: 12.75 inches Depth: 18 inches

Product Weight: (each channel) 160 lbs

Shipping Weight: (approx. for complete system) 452 lbs

Wilson Audio Sophia 3

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