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Wilson Audio Sasha W/P

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The loudspeaker practically synonymous with Wilson Audio, in continuous production since 1988, has entered into its Series 8 iteration with its own bold proclamation: you can have beauty and accuracy. Or more precisely, you can have the visceral and emotive experience of live music, which is the sum of myriad cues—some measurable, oth Altavoz de suelo, 3 vias. Puerto reflex trasero. 4 Ohmios. Varios acabados. Cabezal superior orientable. Altavoz de Referencia. ers essential to making the hairs on the back of your neck tingle with auditory pleasure. This magical synergy is the sum of many details: A new tweeter (from the MAXX 2). A new WATT enclosure constructed from an innovative combination of X material (prized for its lack of coloration and resonance) and M material (prized for its midrange clarity) in a sophisticated internal bracing configuration. MAXX Series 2 crossover technology, now employed in System 8, achieves greater top-to-bottom coherence along with greater bass linearity, impact, and speed. Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms Woofer: Two 8 inch Midrange: One 7 inch Tweeter: One 1 inch Inverted Titanium Dome Sensitivity: 92 dB @ 1 watt (2.0 V at 1 meter) Minimum Amplifier Power: 7 WPC Frequency Response: (with port contribution) +0, -3dB 21 Hz - 22.5 kHz Height: 41 inches Width: 13 inches Depth: 18.75 inches System Product Weight: (each) 170 lbs Approx. Shipping Weight: (for complete system) 566 lbs

Wilson Audio Sasha W/P

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