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Wilson Audio Maxx 3

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Características técnicas: Language can scarcely suggest the auditory experience awaiting the listener via the new Series 2 MAXX. Suffice it to say that MAXX will connect you to the music in a way few other loudspeakers can manage. In fact, short of Alexandria, we believe no other current loudspeaker is as sonically truthful and eloquent. MAXX Series 2 is the first Wilson Audio loudspeaker to benefit from the insights gained in Alexandria's creation. The newly sculpted upper enclosure now includes a rear port; internally, revised cabinet geometries reduce enclosure-induced colorations. A redesigned, anti-jitter crossover further reduces artifacts of time domain smearing, and a new tweeter dramatically lowers high frequency noise. Thus, transients are faster and more impactful, while at the same time the "grit" or time domain "jitter" behind the transients disappears. In the critical mid- and upper midrange frequencies, the new MAXX now approaches the level of sweetness, clarity, and transparency that makes the Alexandria X-2 such a stunning achievement. In the lower cabinet, a damping revision enhances the seamless top-to-bottom coherence that already distinguishes the sound of MAXX. Meanwhile, all of the other virtues of the original product remain intact, including its revolutionary Group Delay™ mechanism, which allows precise alignment of the upper drivers in the time and phase domain. The brass alignment block typifies the level of manufacturing finesse employed in the construction of MAXX. It allows the owner to choose one of 35 discrete positions for correcting the time domain of the drivers relative to a chosen listening distance and ear height. Without the use of sophisticated test equipment, the user can easily set up MAXX for optimum performance in a wide variety of rooms. Bearing more than a passing resemblance to Wilson's flagship speaker, the Alexandria , MAXX Series 2 is a three-way ported design, employing two woofers (one 13", one 10"), dual 7" midrange drivers, and an inverted titanium dome tweeter. Housed in two cabinets constructed from a high-density phenolic resin based composite, MAXX Series 2 is capable of true full-range reproduction without the colorations typical of an enclosure its size. Specifications Woofers: 1 - 13 inch; 1 - 11 inch Tweeter: 1 - 1 inch Inverted Titanium Dome Midrange: 2 - 7 inch Sensitivity: 92 dB@ 1 watt (2.00V at meter) Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms 3 ohms minimal Minimum Amplifier Power: 7 Watts per channel Frequency Response (with port contribution): +0, -3dB 20Hz - 21kHz (-3dB) Dimensions Height: 63 inches Width: 17 inches Depth: 22 inches System Weight Per Channel (approx.): 410 lbs each System Shipping Weight (approx.): 1,100 lbs

Wilson Audio Maxx 3

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