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Mecánica VRDS (CMK 3.2). Software DigiMaster 24 bits. Sobremuestreo x 32 Convertidores de 24 bits/ 96 kHz. Entradas y salidas digitales (ST, BCN, XLR y TosLink) Internal ClockLink. Preamplificación en dominio digital y ajustable internamente según sensibilidad de la etapa de potencia asociada (de 0.25 hasta 4.2 V). Circuitería de salida analógica en pura Clase A. Salidas analógicas XLR y RCA. SwiftCurrent 3 Discreet. Chasis de alta densidad. Blindaje antirradiofrecuencia Innovation is our nature, it is what we do. At Wadia we never rest at good enough. We are driven by our passion for music. We are continuously searching for what is possible. After almost two decades of inventing the future of digital audio, we are just getting started. Introducing the new Special Edition Wadia 581se and 581i se CD players featuring innovative new circuit topologies developed for the forthcoming series 7 product line up. Building on the Wadia legacy, proven and new technologies are combined in a way that can only be described as innovative. Consider the Wadia DSD processing engine; few companies would contemplate format conversion, however at Wadia we innovate, it is what we do. The Wadia 581se introduces a newly developed proprietary software DSD Processing Algorithm that generates phase perfect and bit accurate SACD playback. The result is simply correct! Tradition Meets Innovation Wadia SwiftCurrent™ 3 Discreet (SC-3D), developed for our special edition and reference products is now incorporated. The latest version of our superior current to voltage (I/V) conversion technology has been added into our classic Wadia one box solution. Current exiting the D>A converters is optimally loaded, in turn allowing each DAC to remain linear. Current is then mirrored and driven with a zero global feed back Class A throughput stage. The output feeds directly into a phase accurate filter that simultaneously creates voltage and removes unwanted high frequency noise. The SC-3D generates 3 independent data streams that drive both the balanced and unbalanced legs of the output stage. A quieter blacker background ensures holographic images will appear, or in other words the sound stage will be rendered in … 3-D. Pure Power The 581se CD Player features two new fully balanced shielded toroidal transformers that are electrically, mechanically, and acoustically isolated from other components. New inductor filtering has been added to the digital supply ensuring smooth charging of capacitors and eliminating noise spikes from the ground plain. There is a fully regulated separate power supply for digital processing, clocking, D>A conversion, and the output stage. Every performance component is powered by regulated isolated power traces. The result – quiet pure power with lightning speed allowing instantaneous reproduction of transient information. By the Numbers A Multi-Format Disc Mechanism modified to allow ClockLink™ jitter reduction and pure data capture, this new multi-format mechanism provides state-of-the-art audio information extraction. Patent worthy technologies ensure that data is accurately captured from audio discs regardless of format. The mechanism is further enhanced by a custom mounting and enclosure system that provides both mechanical and electrical isolation. The result, performance surpassing even the highly acclaimed transports featured in previous players. Timeless Design Consider the styling of the Wadia 581se and 581i se, a look of both strength and understated elegance. A newly developed aluminum remote completes your connection to this monolith. Form flows not just out of function; it reveals our values and states our mission. Keeps you up at night When is the last time you lost yourself in a musical performance? Listen with the Wadia 581se and space and time will stand still for precious moments while you are swept away by the power of music. Technical Specifications Transport Modified multi-format drive Power Supply: Dual transformers in internal isolation chamber Decoding Software: DigiMaster 2.5 with Selectable Upsampling Algorithms and advanced proprietary software based DSD Processing Algorithm that generates bit corrected SACD playback 24 bit resolution DAC Sample Rate 1.4112 MHz Digital Volume Control Range: 50 dB in one-hundred 0.5 dB steps Maximum Output Voltage: Can be adjusted via internal switches from 0.3V to 4.25V to match system sensitivity Output Impedance: Less than 15 ohms Analog Outputs: 1 pr. balanced (XLR) 1 pr. unbalanced (RCA) Power Consumption: 25 watts Dimensions: Inches: 7.25 h 17 w 16.5 d Centimeters: 18.4 h 43.2 w 42 d Finish Options: Black or Silver Anodized Aluminum Weight: 48 lb.. (21.82 kg)


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