DAC Wadia 521

Wadia 521

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24-bit. Seis entradas digitales. 2 pares de salidas analógicas (RCA y XLR). Tasa de muestreo DAC 1.4112 MHz Featuring six selectable digital inputs, Digital Volume Control, and our DirectConnect technology, the 521 Digital to Analog converter offers the best of all worlds. Connect your personal computer, media server, iTransport, digital tuner etc... the 521 is ready for today's digital world. The Wadia 521 Decoding Computer introduces an enhanced main decoding circuit design featuring DigiMaster(tm) 2.5 Upsampling software, 24-bit Burr-Brown 1704 DACs, and SwiftCurrent(tm) 3 Discrete (SC-3D), The Wadia 521 Decoding Computer will unveil the richness and magic that make music an essential form of human communication Digital Processing: 24-bit DAC Sample Rate: 1.4112 MHz Digital Inputs: 2 Glass Fiber Optic (ST) 2 SPDIF (BNC), 1 Plastic Fiber Optic (TOSLINK) 1 AES/EBU (XLR) All inputs accept and decode standard digital audio formats, from 32 kHz to 96 kHz, and from 16-24 bits Analog Outputs: 1 pair of Balanced (XLR) 1 pair of Unbalanced (RCA) Both sets may be used simultaneously Volume Control: via the remote control in 100 discrete 0.5 dB steps Maximum Output Voltage: Can be adjusted via the internal switches from 0.25V and 4.2V to match system sensitivity Output Impedance: Less than 51 Ohms Power Consumption: 30 Watts Weight: 32 lbs.,14.6kg Dimensions (HWD): 4 .125 x 17 x 16 inches 10.5 x 43.2 x 40.5 cm Finish Options: Black or Silver Anodized Aluminum
Wadia 521

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