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EuroScreen V250W Pantalla fija

Draper Europe V250W

Pantalla fija marco de aluminio Área Visible: Ancho 250x Alto 140.

Marco de alumino de 10cm 

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Pantalla fija marco de aluminio Área Visible: Ancho 250x Alto 140.

Marco de alumino de 10cm 

Modelo EuroScreen V250W realizado por Draper Europe 

Tela FlexWhite
Pantalla con superficie perfectamente lista
Fácil instalación

Tamaño total de la pantalla, incluyendo el marco: Ancho 270x Alto 160,5 cm

Frame Vision is a high quality framed screen with a tensioning system that puts equal tension on each part of the viewing surface, making it perfectly smooth. The surface is stretched on a 10cm aluminium frame that features an attractive black border, giving the screen a theatre-like appearance. 

Tipo de Tela:

Pliable matt white surface which provides excellent flat viewing area and superb colour rendition (colour temp. 6565 K). Full HD compliant. It diffuses projected light in all directions, so the image can be seen from any angle.

The black-backed FlexWhite M1 presents same high quality features, and in addition to its M1 fire resistant rating also allows less light to pass through from behind the screen

Provides excellent flatness
Superb colour rendition
Full HD compliant
Choose FlexWhite M1 with black backing for less light passing through
Option for fixed frame and Tab Tension screens
Please note: The surface is sensitive to heat and are not suitable as black-out, or sun protection. Do not install close to heat sources like radiators, amplifiers or turned on TV-sets.

Gain 1.0
Viewing Angle 180°
Thickness 0.26/0.42 mm
Material Stretchable matt white
Lay Flat Quality Excellent
Flame Resistance Yes
Washable Yes, mild dishwashing liquid diluted with warm water
Special Features
Superb colour rendition, MI lets less light pass through the surface

Draper Europe V250W

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