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The BREEZE HYBRID is a new product in our state of the art FUSION SERIES of audio interconnects and loudspeaker cables which incorporate our new developed highly advanced FUSION conductor material. The BREEZE HYBRID is a multi-core single conductor loudspeaker cable with a very complex strand construction. Based on our on world-wide highly acclaimed The WIND Mk II HYBRID, The BREEZE HYBRID’s design comprises a higher metal cross-section area and additionally includes FUSION conductor material strands. The BREEZE HYBRID consists of a total of 291 single non insulated strands in 7 different layers with a total cross-section area of 7.52 mm² equalling AWG 8.5. The outer strand layer is made of our FUSION conductor material. Also, the total metal construction is coated with a Linear Structured Carbon ® saturated layer. These extra items dramatically improve the sound quality. The sonic result is a very detailed signal transmission with a superb spacious character. The resistance of The BREEZE HYBRID is 2.3 Ohm/km. The external diameter is 7.0 mm. The saffron yellow colored jacket is made of HULLIFLEX ® 4, a very flexible and mechanically superb insulation material. Before connecting The BREEZE HYBRID to your equipment we advise to mildly twist both leads to keep them together. Next to our standard sales units (see specifications below) The BREEZE HYBRID is also available on 100 m. reels fitted with end-caps to prevent any entrance of chemically polluted air. Shipping: 1 x 100 m. reel in a 255 x 255 x 205 mm. box with a total shipping weight of 10.9 kg. Specifications: The BREEZE HYBRID Cable Type: Single wire, multistrand Conductor Material: High purity dense Silver coated high purity Matched Crystal OFC + FUSION TECHNOLOGY: amorphous Cu/Zn/Ag alloy + HYBRID: Linear Structured Carbon ® saturated layer(s) Design Purpose / Application Area(s): Highest quality level loudspeaker cable / External and internal (re)wiring Eff. Conductor Ø / Eq. AWG No. / Strands: 7.52 mm² / AWG 8.5 / 291 External Diameter / -Dimensions: 7.0 mm. Resistance (20 °C / 68 °F): 2.5 Ohm/km. Capacitance: - Characteristic Impedance: - Insulation / Dielectric Strength / Test Voltage: HULLIFLEX ® 4 / 300 Vrms min. Connector Types Suitable: Our 6.5 mm. Ø cable entrance diameter Bus type Universal Speaker Connectors; Custom mountable on ordered lengths. Standard Sales Units / -Lengths: 100 m. reels; With connectors mounted to specifications: any length; Without connectors: please consult your van den Hul dealer or the van den Hul distributor in your country. Jacket Colour(s) Available: Saffron yellow Remarks: Self mounting of connectors is not advised since special soldering equipment is required; Our custom connector mounting service is available. The BREEZE HYBRID is a heavier and Fusion Series version of our The WIND Mk II HYBRID


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