Ultrasone Edition 8 Romeo

Ultrasone Edition 8 Romeo

Auricular dinámico alta gama cerrado fabricado a mano en Alemania, sistema de sonido envolvente Dolby S-logic +, Recubiertos de paladio, Impresiones de nácar, Almohadillas de cuero de oveja de Etiopía. Aislamiento magnético MU-Metal. Nivel de presión sonora: 96dB. 6 - 42.000Hz

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Auriculares Ultrasone Edition 8 Romeo

Auricular dinámico alta gama cerrado fabricado a mano en Alemania
sistema de sonido envolvente Dolby S-logic +
Recubiertos de paladio,
Impresiones de nácar,
Almohadillas de cuero de oveja de Etiopía
Aislamiento magnético MU-Metal
Nivel de presión sonora: 96dB
6 - 42.000Hz

Se incluye dentro del embalaje:
Cable desmontable de 1.2m con micrófono y mando a distancia, terminado en minijack 3.5mm
Bolsa de transporte de color negro
Paño de fibra para la limpieza

The Edition 8 Romeo headphones are hand-made in Germany and represent a new, and extremely elegant, addition to the Edition range. Every single pair is manufactured with care and attributed a series number, making every Edition 8 Romeo one-of-a-kind.

With a headpad made of black-coated aluminium, the Edition 8 Romeo is truly unmistakable. The matching black-covered ear cups are designed to harmonise beautifully with the striking appearance of this refined pair of headphones. The ear cups are coated with lustrous brushed palladium. This high-quality coating ensures durability and demonstrates a superior level of hand craftsmanship.

The Edition 8 Romeo’s black ear pads are made from the exclusive leather of the Ethiopian long-haired sheep. This is the most precious leather available and provides the finest isolation of any leather.

The metal headband of the Edition 8 series typifies latest scientific knowledge in headband design and development. This unique headband design made by Ultrasone is highly developed and technical precision work. The Edition 8 Romeo headband is also covered with the very soft genuine black Ethiopian sheepskin leather. Edition 8 Romeo comes with a luxury black bag for storge and transportation.

In addition to a titanium plated tri-bass-tube driver, these headphones follow Ultrasone´s S-Logic Plus technology which results in a most neutral sound impression with more vivid perception of voices and instruments. Of course, the Edition 8 Romeo also contains MU-Metal shielding (ULE technology) that reduces magnetic field emissions by up to 98% compared to conventional headphones.




Ultrasone Edition 8 Romeo

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