Atavoz Tannoy SR601

Tannoy SR601

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Altavoz para exteriores. 8 ohmios y linea de 100v. Imitación de roca. Perfecto para jardines. 

The Tannoy SR601T is a high power handling, high sensitivity, full bandwidth rock speaker design primarily for outdoor use. The rugged and durable terra alba and fibreglass enclosure is weather, water marking and UV discolouration resistant, to IP64 specification. This, together with the integrated grille design, provides protection for the 153mm (6.00”) Tannoy ICT™ transducer from the elements, including rain, hail, sleet, snow and high salt content atmospheres.

This new variant of the SR601 has an integrated low insertion loss 30W line transformer with variable tappings, making this product perfectly suited for large scale outdoor distributed audio systems where a fine balance of both sound quality and discrete aesthetics are required - such as in theme parks, civic gardens, garden festivals, licensed/beer gardens, hotel outdoor spaces and water parks.
Now available in three colours – Grey, Green and Sand - the natural rock-like appearance of the SR601T blends inconspicuously into most outdoor applications including gardens, patios, and architectural landscapes. To allow for multiple units to be installed in a distributed system, such as in theme parks, large civic gardens, etc. the SR601T has an integral low insertion loss 30W line transformer with an easily accessible rotary tapping switch to select between low impedance and 70V or 100V operation:

70V: 30W / 15W / 7.5W / 3.75W / 1.9W & low impedance operation
100V: 30W / 15W / 7.5W / 3.75W & low impedance operation.

Anchor points are also integrated into the design to allow for secure installation, even on uneven or inclined surfaces, or in areas subjected to high winds such as coastal locations.

• 153mm (6.00”) ICT™ driver
• IP64-rated weather resistant enclosure
• Available in 3 different colours
• Phase coherent design for superior vocal articulation
and music reproduction
• No crossover required, ensuring better phase,
impedance and sensitivity response for high
performance and durability
• Wireless electromagnetic tweeter cannot be burned
out from heavy or abusive use
• 1 metre of weather resistant speaker attached
• Integral low insertion loss 30W transformer
• Five year loudspeaker warranty
• 3 anchor points for secure location

Tannoy SR601

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