Shunyata Viper CX


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VIPER CX cable de red con conector C15
Dates of manufacture: 2009 -- 2010

-- CDA 101 copper conductors
-- 200 conductors, 10 gauge
-- Helix geometry
-- Grey slender body with clear flex mesh

Comments: Matching construction to the SideWinder CX with heavier gauge wire. The Viper was the second to lowest price original CX (helix geometry) model. Great performer at the price, very powerful sound, dynamic, quiet background. Held tremendous value but had was rather stiff and hard to bend compared to the other flexible CX model power cords Shunyata made at higher prices. Aesthetics were rather straightforward so sales did not match high expectations and the Viper, like its smaller sibling the SideWinder, was replaced after 1 year of production with the far more flexible, attractive Black Mamba-HC CX. The Viper CX is still a great performer for the dollar on the used market.


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