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Control de corte de frecuencia y de ganancia de alta precisión. Amplificador de 300W. Dimensiones: 34,3 x 61,9 x 41,9 cm. Acabado black grittex Acabado black grittex: 2.200,00 € Acabado Wood en cherry, maple o rosenut: 2.390,00 € Do one thing, do it perfectly. Confirmation of REL’s motto arrives in the form of the all-new BRITANNIA Series. Just once in the past decade has this proud company issued forth with a new range. Avoiding gratuitous embellishment, REL continue to extol their classic virtues of conservative design principles; mil-spec approaches to amplifier construction, leading edge acoustic designs, and a general impression of quality that reminds some of that other great British icon, Rolls Royce. With BRITANNIA, an entirely new generation of high-end music and film sound devotees are poised to revel in the fruits of REL’s labors. These newest offerings are superbly crafted to perform dual roles in both the most sophisticated music or film sound systems with equal facility. The combination of an ultra-powerful new range of bass-engines, mounted forward firing, and with a patented twin-chamber exhaust, venting out the bottom produce truly prodigious low frequency output with startling speed. Last but not least, that most British of all virtues-value-is present everywhere one looks. For anyone but REL, the B2 would be their signature model. B2 reproduces much of B1’s design, including the patented balanced ARM loading, but in a more compact 10” design with a lower power rating. Forward firing makes this model similarly flexible in placement. Performance is deeply concussive, with high output levels. Quality isn’t everything; it’s the only thing. All Britannia Series feature 24 crossover frequencies from 22-96Hz, using precision trimmed circuits. REL’s unique design permits operation of both high-level support of main speakers and .1 channel from one B2–something no other manufacturer offers. Massive power supplies and outstanding build quality are the cornerstones of REL’s reputation. Enclosure Type: Balanced ARM Loaded with Port Port Diameter: 3.95 inches Input Connectors: 2-Neutrik Speakon / 2-RCA Phono / 1-XLR Gain Control Range: 80dB Amplifier Type: DC Coupled MOSFET Input Impedance: 100k Ohms, High Level, Two-Channel Unbalanced 100k Ohms, High Level, Single-Channel Balanced 10k Ohms, Low Level(LFE), Black 0dB, Red + 12dB 10k Ohms, Low Level, Single Channel Balanced Drive Unit: 10 inch, Long Throw Heavy-Duty Cast Frame Low Frequency Response: 16Hz in Room at –6dB Power Output: 300 Watts Phase: 0 and 180 degrees


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