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Rega P7

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DESCRIPCIÓN: High End absoluto al mejor precio - Basado en el P9, actual giradiscos de referencia de Rega - Equipado con el extraordinario brazo de lectura RB700, apto para todo tipo de cápsulas - Base fabricada en un compuesto de fibra de densidad media encajado en una estructura laminada de resina fenólica - Eje de muy alta precisión fabricado con una tolerancia muy estricta - Tracción por correa - Plato de cerámica derivado del utilizado en el P9 - Fuente de alimentación TT PSU con motor síncrono de 24 V equipado con un exclusivo circuito antivibración - Protector del plato disponible en varios colores - Fabricado en el Reino Unido. Giradisco manual. Brazo RB 700. Plato de ceramica.
Colores disponibles: Negro, plata y cherry
The new P7 is, in our opinion, the ultimate performance turntable at it's price available to the music-loving public. We designed the P7 with knowledge and expertise gained from our legendary flagship turntable the P9. The plinth is a complex CNC machined skeletal structure of medium lightweight fibre composite encased in highly ridged phenolic resin laminates - ultra lightweight, ultra rigid foundation for this high performance turntable. This results in the plinth being very strong and very light, which inturn improves the performance. The main bearing assembly is engineered to extremely tight tolerances. This results in virtually friction free rumble-less performance which, if lubricated correctly, will last your lifetime! The ceramic platter is something which we have desperately wanted to evolve from the P9 and use for other turntables, yet for a long time we have had difficulty in being able to produce such an expensive material for lower cost turntables. However, we believe this new incarnation of the ceramic platter bridges that gap! The P7 is finished in a highly attractive Aluminium metal extrusion surround. Which offers great rigidity and through clever machining produces an extremely low mass which gives a performance improvement. Power Supply The all new TT PSU and motor anti-vibration circuit is a combination of the innovative P9 power supply along with an improved P25 anti-vibration motor drive feeding the P9 24V AC synchronous motor. The TT PSU uses a remote "wall wart" transformer therefore keeping the sources of hum & noise well away from sensitive parts such as the cartridge and phono leads. These attributes will enhance and control the turntables effectiveness to reproduce music. Click here for more info... The new RB700 The RB700 carries forward the superior RB name with huge efficiency, and lives upto the RB tonearms much awarded history. The RB700 is clearly different in many ways to the previous 600 model, some of the key areas of improvement are the bias housing, bearing assemblies and the materials used on it.
Rega P7

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