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Proac Studio 110


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1 x woofer 165mm/6.5”, 1 x tweeter 25mm/1”. Respuesta en frecuencia 33Hz-30kHz. Sensibilidad 88dB. Impedancia 8Ù. Potencia recomendada 15- 150W. Medidas [mm] 380H x 203A x 240P. At ProAc we pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing high quality loudspeakers with an open and natural sound. Although we are aware of changes in the market place we are not influenced by every new fashion, and design new models with longevity in mind. The Studio110 is a new stand mounted design which replaces the Tablette 2000 and is ideal for high quality 2 channel audio. The cabinet houses a new bass driver and tweeter with front porting allowing for use as rear surround speakers in a home cinema system, as well as being excellent 2 channel speakers in their own right. Cabinet/Drive Units: The Studio 110’s strengths lie in a very rigid and well damped cabinet and a slim baffle with offset tweeter to aid dispersion and to match the other speakers in the Studio range. The bass driver is very similar to the ones used in the Studio 130 and Studio 140. This is loaded by a front mounted port, endowing the bass with a faster, cleaner and more powerful quality. The new 1” dome tweeter is the same as that used in the Studio 130 and Studio 140. The new drive units are seamlessly mated by a new high quality crossover network which is split to allow for bi-wiring and bi-amping. The Studio 110 is an ideal partner for the Studio 130 and Studio 140 in home cinema systems, and is also exceptional in a pure 2 channel system. The new front ported Studio 110 gives an exciting open sound with greater efficiency whilst retaining the natural sound for which ProAc is renowned.


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