Primare A 30.2

Primare A 30.2

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A properly designed amplifier for use in a stereo music system must each channel identically for proper sound staging and image localization. After exhaustive listening sessions, Primare engineers determined the best way maximize the stereo sound field is to maintain a fully balanced low-level circuitry from input to output and employ dual-mono design globally. Each amplification channel of the A30.2 is completely independent using its own Toridial transformer, low-noise regulated power supply and four ultra-fast, bi-polar, output devices in a push-pull configuration for the fastest transient response and musical fidelity. Additionally, the A30.2 can be bridged into mono without sonic compromise. Output Power 2 x 120 W/8 §Ù 2 x 200 W/4 §Ù 1 x 380 W/8 §Ù Inputs 1pr XLR (L&R) 1pr RCA (L&R) Frequency Response <10 Hz-100 kHz -3 dB T.H.D. <0.08% Signal-to-Noise Ratio -100 dB Input Impedance 10 k§Ù Output Impedance 0.03 §Ù Power Consumption <3,5W, Standby Dimensions (WxDxH) 17 x 15.5 x 4 inches 430 x 385 x 100 mm Weight 35 lbs,16 kg Finish Black or Titanium

Primare A 30.2

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