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prima luna prologue three

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Preamplificador estereo.  Preamplificador a valvulas.Entradas RCA. Entrada de giradiscos opcional.Preamplificador a válvulas. Non-inverting, no global feedback, extremely low-noise wide-bandwidth amplifying stages; smooth "Blue Velvet" Alps Potentiometer. Low output impedance without resorting to cathode follower output (Anode Out). Per channel dedicated power transformers & tube rectifiers (5AR4). Triple Pi ( ) C-L-C-R-Z-R-C-R-filtering with integrated fully passive powersupply parallel regulation for each channel. Perfectly decoupled powersupply lines with ultra-wideband (several MHz) constant source impedance and low corner frequency of over two octaves below the audio bandwidth (4Hz). DC heaters, convenient and smooth delay / muting circuitry. Prepared for receiving ProLogue MMPhono Preamp board. stereo fully dual-mono line pre-amplifier Tubes: 2 x 12AX7, 2 x 12AU7 and 2 x 5AR4 Inputs: 4 x line Outputs: tape-out + 2 stereo sets RCA single-ended

prima luna prologue three

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