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prima luna dialogue one

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Amplificador integrado  2x36W. Valvulas EL34- Mando a distancia. Modos Ultalinear/Triodo conmutable.Características técnicas: The DiaLogue One is an EL-34 based vacuum-tube integrated amplifier, hand-made with the finest point to point wiring, using workmanship that is equal to or better than any product you can buy at any price. The amplifier is built using finest premium parts. A toroidal transformer for the powersupply. Custom designed -in conjunction with one of the most prestigious transformer-designers in the USA- encapsulated output transformers for lowest hum, wide bandwidth for great bass and extended highs. Ceramic tube sockets. ALPS volume control. Nichicon and Realcap capacitors. Gold plated heavy duty speaker terminals and gold plated input jacks. Remote control for source selection, volume and choice of Ultralinear or Triode amplification. Five line level inputs, one HT Pass Thru and one tape out. It is enclosed inside a heavy gauge steel, fully vented chassis with five coats of finish. Each coat hand rubbed and polished. The Adaptive AutoBias™ circuit, an exclusive to PrimaLuna, monitors and smoothfully adjusts bias constantly and instantly, reducing maintenance and increasing performance because of a dramatic reduction in distortion. For extended life of tubes and switches plus a reduced chance of tube failure/shorts, the amplifier uses a soft-start circuit. Tube plate fusing is used to protect the output stage. Other amps might need a trip to the shop if a tube fails. Not this one. Just plug in a new tube and fuse, and go. Power Ultralinear: 36 Watts per channel Power Triode: 18 Watts per channel Frequency Response: 10Hz - 30 kHz +/- 1 dB THD with AABB: < 0,3% @ 1W; less than 1,2% at rated power S/N Ratio: 89 dB Input Impedance: 100 kOhm Input Sensitivity: 240 mV (for rated power at max. volume setting) Maximum Gain: 36,5 dB Power Consumption: 248 Watts Net Weight: 63.8 lbs / 29 kg Shipping Weight: 70.5 lbs / 32 kg Dimensions: 15.9" x 15.2" x 8.3" / 405 mm x 385 mm x 210 mm (L x W x H) Shipping Dimensions: 22.7" x 18.4" x 12" / 577 mm x 468 mm x 305 mm (L x W x H) Inputs: 5 pairs Stereo RCA, 1 pair Home Theater Input Outputs: 1 pair Stereo RCA Tape, 4 & 8 Ohm Speaker Taps Tube Complement: 4 x EL-34, 2 x 12AX7, 2 x 12AU7

prima luna dialogue one

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