Previo de phono Pathos In The Groove MKW

Pathos In The Groove MKW

Previo de Phono MM/MC. Ajustes independientes por canal para MM/MC. Funcionamiento a baterias.

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It has taken the excellent Pathos engineers many resources to develop a phono preamplifier superior to the original and highly appreciated InTheGroove. InTheGroove MKII is a high performance passive phono preamplifier designed for both MC and MM phono cartridges.The very refined sound follows the Pathos tradition of great soundstage, high realism, transparency, dynamics and musicality. The InTheGroove MKII is a state of the art phono-amplifier that features completely independent left and right channel operation. Powered by batteries in order to provide as clean and stable power as possible. Since the output from the pick-up is low, the risk of "disturbing" the signal is higher. By using batteries in the power supply the risk of interference is minimised - the power is extremely stable and thereby avoids the turbulence that often appears on the mains net. Another elaboration to ensure high sound quality is taken by using selected components of highest quality and balanced mode operation. Balanced layout is something rarely seen in phono amplifiers - but it has the advantages of lower noise and therefore a cleaner signal. The input-stage is the most critical in a phono-amplifier. The first gain stage is an ultra-low noise circuit to boost the weak signal from the cartridge. InTheGroove MkII uses JFETs to ensure the lowest possible input random noise. After the JFET input stage the very finest opamps handles the signal and ensures the correct gain. Together these initiatives ensure high gain, low noise and a peerless sound. Gain is user selectable with an additional 20dB. The built in charger makes it easy to use and set-up. After a period with no signal it will switch off automatically and recharge if the batteries are low. This guarantees the longest life of the batteries. The variety of adjustments gives you a very user-friendly high-end phonostage - so you can get your cartridge to perform the best. The Pathos engineers have done their best to assure that you get the full value of your vinyl collection. Main Specifications: Type: passive RIAA in pure Class A powered by batteries. Input state by low noise transistors Balanced output Gain 60dB + possibility of adding another 20dB. Charger built in, automatic stand-by. Frequency response: 10Hz-100 KHz S/N ration: 80dB @1KHz/5cm/s Input impedance: MM 47KOhm/47pF MC 100Ohm/1nF
Pathos In The Groove MKW

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