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The CD5i CD player, especially when partnered by the complementary NAIT 5i integrated amplifier, sets a thrilling new standard for the musical performance of entry-level hi-fi. Designed by the same team that produced the world's finest CD player, the fabulous Naim CD555, the CD5i benefits both from shared technology and the shared passion to extract every last grain of music from the disc that it's playing. This outstanding new machine, which replaces the previous CD5i in our line-up, brings worthwhile performance benefits for users but retains the functionality and straightforward usability of the classic player. This enhanced performance has been derived from a new DAC and power supply arrangement, optimisation of the output filter and star grounding pattern, and upgraded components in key areas of the circuitry. These combined with the unchanged elements such as the low-jitter clock, discrete digital and analogue power supplies, and the unique swing-out disc transport mechanism, deliver a spell-binding performance that is truly in a league of its own. As with Naim's flagship player, integrity and stability of the RF signals read by the laser have been prime design considerations. A suspended transport and low mass magnetic clamping system ensures that the disc spins accurately and silently, unhindered by mechanical resonance. Paths between critical components are as short as possible to preserve delicate signals and each stage of the circuitry is powered by separate regulated supplies. Correct earthing is used throughout and there are no digital or headphone outputs. The CD5i features a unique power supply incorporating separate digital and analogue transformer windings and additional screening to reduce the intrusion of RF interference from the mains supply. Microphonic degradation of sound quality is greatly reduced by the use of low-energy-transfer feet and unique decoupling pillars for circuit board mounting combined with a stiff, low-vibration enclosure. The CD5i offers convenient front loading using a custom-made, glass reinforced drawer mechanism, the mass of which has been carefully calculated to optimise rigidity and isolation. This machine is designed to be the best in its class, incorporating genuine technological advances to provide a thoroughly enjoyable musical experience. click image to enlarge Specifications Line outputs 1 x DIN, 1 x RCA phono Frequency response 10Hz – 20kHz + 0.1dB – 0.5 dB Output level 2.0V rms at 1kHz Output impedance 10 Ohms maximum Phase response Linear phase, absolute phase correct De-emphasis 0.25dB referred to main response Laser type Semiconductor AIGaAs Wavelength 780nm ± 20nm Light output (cw) Maximum 0.5 mW De-emphasis ± 0.1 dB referred to main response Distortion and noise <0.1% 10 Hz - 18 kHz at full level Disc Compatibility Red book CD and CD-R Control I-Com remote included Mains supply 115V, 230V (50 or 60Hz) Dimensions (H x W x D) 70 x 432 x 301mm Finish Black

Naim CD5i

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