Amplificador Naim Nait XS

Naim Nait XS

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Amplificador Naim XS. Comparte parte de la circuiteria y tecnologia con el fantastico Supernait. Nunca 60 watios han dado tanta dinamica como con este producto, deberia escucharlo con altavoces de Focal.

4 x estereo (via  4 parejas RCA)
1 x estereo (via 1 pareja RCA ó jack 3,5)
 1 x sistema de altavoces
 Pre Out
 Rec Out
 1 subwoofer
Controles:  NO
Selector de grabación:  NO
Potencia Amplificador (watios): 2 x 60 (8 Ohms RMS)
Número de canales: 2
Acesorios suministrados:  Mando a distancia
An x Al x Prof (mm): 432 × 70× 301
Peso (kg): 11,4
Acabado: Negro



NAIT XS integrated amplifier The NAIT XS takes the DNA of our best ever integrated amplifier, the SUPERNAIT, and, like a sports car stripped back to essentials for the track, delivers musical performance that truly inspires. The 60 watts per channel power amplifier section is a dynamic, fast acting musical muscle with an uncanny talent for bringing speakers to life. And the preamplifier section provides all the musical clarity and detail you could wish for. The NAIT XS is versatile thanks to six analogue line inputs on a mix of DIN and phono sockets, a phono preamplifier power supply output, and a front panel mounted auto-switching mini-jack. Like the rest of the XS Series, the NAIT XS is genuine high-end hi-fi brought within reach. Specifications Audio Outputs speakers, preamp, and variable sub Power Output 60Wpc into 8Ù, 90Wpc into 4Ù Analogue inputs 6 DIN and RCA on rear plus 3.5mm jack on front Input overload 34 dB Input sensitivity 130mV at 47KÙ Remote input 3.5mm rear panel jack (modulated/demodulated RC5 system) RS232 Optional Naim RS232 board IR remote (handheld) NARCOM 4 Supply Voltage 100V to 120V or 220V to 240V, 50/60 Hz Power Consumption Quiescent 20VA Max 290VA Dimensions (H x W x D) 70 x 432 x 301mm

Physical Dimensions (mm): 432 x 301 x 70 (W x D x H)

Weight: 8.6kg Shipping Weight: 11.4kg


Shipping Dimensions (mm): 580 x 500 x 200 (W x D x H) Colour Black Finish Anodised fascia, painted cover

Naim Nait XS

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