Sintonizador Radio Music Hall t25.2

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t25.2 sintonizador AM/FM con 80 presintonías

The t25.2 tuner was specifically designed for the music lover on a budget. Enchanting in sound and simplistic in operation the t25.2 tuner is a welcome addition to any system. Have a listen to it with our other matching components; the a25.2 integrated amplifier and cd25.2. These components combined with the t25.2 provide you with an engaging musical experience that squarely trounces the sound of similarly priced receiver based systems.

•special low noise tuning module
•superb selectivity and sensitivity
•80 programmable station presets
•thick brushed aluminum fascia
•heavy rigid chassis
•gorgeous slim line system remote control .
•easily readable and dimmable florescent display
•detachable power cord

w17 x d14.5 x h3.5 in.
11 lbs. pkg.

3984 - 01

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