Loewe BluTech Vision Interactive

Loewe Blutech Vision Interactive

producto agotado y descatalogado. Sustituido por BluTech Vision 3D 4K

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Reproductor Blu-ray perfil 2.0 Reproductor Blu-ray perfil 2.0
Tiempo de carga de Blu-Ray 14 seg. Nuevo diseño. Función 24p
Función BD-Live. Funcionamiento sin ruidos (prescinde de ventiladores)
Reproduce discos Blu-Ray. DVD y CD

producto agotado y descatalogado. Sustituido por BluTech Vision 3D 4K 

Loewe BluTech Vision Interactive Like, Audiovision, the Loewe BluTech Vision Interactive BluRay player is the perfect addition to a Loewe System, both in terms of technology and aesthetics. With the direct opening of the disk slot after start-up, BluTech Vision Interactive is one of the fastest BluRay players on the market. This allows you to enjoy the film in brilliant quality just a short time after inserting the disk. Moreover, with BD Live and 1 GB internal Flash memory, the new BluRay player builds new bridges between home cinema and the Internet. Through the integration of BD Live, additional content for the inserted BluRay disk such as trailers, documentaries or director’s commentary can now be used. BD Live features are becoming increasingly common nowadays, with a growing range of BD disks. The use of these features requires an Internet connection (LAN). Navigation is effortless using a remote control, just as with a standard DVD menu. BluTech Vision Interactive supports the major BD formats (e.g. BD-AV and BD-MV). Through Loewe System integration, the Assist remote control can be used to operate not only the BluTech Vision Interactive, but also the AudioVision audio system, the Loewe TV set and other pieces of Loewe equipment. Digital Link HD also ensures that the BluTech Vision can be operated even when concealed from view. Also integrated are Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD und dts-HD – so that you can also fully appreciate the sound of breath-taking home cinema. The lack of ventilation not only enables virtually silent operation, but also a perfect design without a ventilation grille. As is typical for Loewe, all the necessary operating elements are hidden behind a minimalist front cover. Loewe AudioVision is available to purchase in Chrome Silver and Black. From October 2009, the Loewe BluTech Vision Interactive will be available in stores in Chrome Silver and Black. BluTech Vision Interactive features at a glance - BD/DVD/CD player - Direct loading after start-up - BD-Live enabled with integrated 1 GB Flash memory - Video upscaling 1080p/24p - DivX HD, WMA, MP3 and AVCHD - Digital Link HD - USB In, HDMI Out

Loewe Blutech Vision Interactive

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