Krell FBI

Krell FBI

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Amplificador Integrado 2x300 w. Entradas RCA/XLR. Mando a distancia. Fuente de alimentación sobredimensionada.


FEATURES The balanced, Krell Current Mode preamplifier design features Krell Evolution CAST, balanced, and single-ended inputs. The preamplifier bandwidth extends to 300 K promoting low distortion and proper phase in the audible band. A Krell engineered volume control is realized with digitally controlled, analog resistor ladders for pristine phase and frequency response at any volume setting. The amplifier features 300 W Krell Current Mode Topologies and balanced output stages. A 3000 VA custom torroidal transformer offers enormous current reserves. A remote control accesses all functions, and a 12 VDC trigger connection allows the easy interface with other components. The Theater Throughput feature allows seamless integration into a home theater system. The Fully Balanced Integrated Amplifier (FBI) is a large-format integrated amplifier that offers all the power and control afforded by big Krell amplifiers in a convenient, integrated package that is simple to operate. A new Current Mode preamplifier topology features an Evolution CAST input for pristine signal integrity. A balanced, 300 watt/channel amplifier delivers the dynamic contrasts for which Krell is legend. The hand-machined aluminum chassis and choice of two exquisite finishes complete a package that obliterates any notion of compromise. Available in silver or black

Krell FBI

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