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Etapa Krell S-275

Krell S275
Etapa potencia estéreo 2x275 W. Entradas RCA/XLR -- oferta Demo

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  • The S-275 is a slim line stereo power amplifier boasting our latest advancements in circuit design featuring an impressive 275 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms and 550 Watts per channel into 4 Ohms in stereo mode. Setting the rear panel switch to mono operation, the S-275 boasts a massive output of 550 Watts into 8 Ohms and 1,100 Watts into 4 Ohms. Technologies developed for the Krell Evolution amplifiers including Krell Differential Current Mode circuitry, wide bandwidth topology, and surface mount technology have been incorporated throughout the design. Combining flagship technologies in an elegant presentation, the S-275 is the ideal choice for high impact systems where space is at a premium. Etapa potencia estéreo 2x275 W. Entradas RCA/XLR

    Power Supply
    Digital power supplies sterilize music and rob it of its musical essence. In classic Krell fashion, a highlight of the S-275 is a 1,650 VA linear power supply. Coupled to 135,000 microfarads of filter capacitance, this power supply insures that the output stage and the connected speakers have exactly the right amount of power under all circumstances.

    Power output
    Each S-275 output channel employs fourteen high current power devices to deliver the exact power required by the speakers under any demand. Alone, the S-275 drives 275 Watts into 8 Ohms and 550 Watts into 4 Ohms. For the ultimate performance, monaural configuration increases the output to 550 Watts at 8Ohms and 1,100 at 4 Ohms.

    Featuring circuitry sourced from the Evolution amplifiers, the S-275 includes technology previously incorporated in the reference level components only. The topology is executed with Krell Differential Current Mode circuitry for the lowest noise signal path. Class A input, pre-driver, and driver stages provide the most accurate signal path for critical low level signals. Surface mount technology is utilized for maximum circuit density resulting in the widest dynamic range and bandwidth possible. The amplifier circuitry also features very low negative feedback for improved clarity and detail resolution.

    Each S-275 is only 8.6" wide allowing two S-275 amplifiers to fit in the same space normally occupied by one full size component. The S-275 includes 12V trigger input/output connections and a selectable -6dB switch for gain level matching. High performance WBT speaker binding posts and input terminations complete the elegant rear panel.

    Available in brushed aluminum silver and black finish

    2 balanced via XLR connector
    2 single-ended via RCA connector

    2 pr. via WBT binding posts

    Control input
    1 12 VDC trigger input via 2-conductor 3.5 mm connector

    Control output
    1 12 VDC trigger output (30 mA maximum current) via 2-conductor 3.5 mm connector

    Input impedance
    20 kΩ (balanced or single-ended)

    Frequency response
    20 Hz to 20 kHz +0, -0.08 dB, stereo
    <0.3 Hz to 170 kHz +0, -3 dB, stereo
    20 Hz to 20 kHz +0, -0.12 dB, mono
    <0.3 Hz to 155 kHz +0, -3 dB, mono

    Signal-to-noise ratio
    >107 dB, wideband, unweighted, referred to full power output
    >115 dB, "A"-weighted

    Stereo: Selectable, 25.8 or 19.8 dB
    Mono: Selectable, 31.8 or 25.8 dB

    Input sensitivity
    Stereo: Selectable, 2.40 V or 4.80 V RMS
    Mono: Selectable, 1.70 V or 3.40 V RMS

    Total harmonic distortion
    <0.030% at 1 kHz, at 275 W stereo or 550 W mono, 8 Ω load
    <0.20% at 20 kHz, at 275 W stereo or 550 W mono, 8 Ω load

    Output power
    Stereo: 275 W RMS per channel at 8 Ω
    Stereo: 550 W RMS per channel at 4 Ω
    Mono: 550 W RMS at 8 Ω
    Mono: 1100 W RMS at 4 Ω

    Output voltage
    Stereo: 47 V RMS or 133 V peak to peak
    Mono: 66 V RMS or 188 V peak to peak

    Output current
    Stereo: 20 A peak
    Mono: 26 A peak

    Slew rate
    Stereo: 80 V/μs
    Mono: 120 V/μs

    Output impedance
    <0.060 Ω at 20 Hz, stereo
    <0.067 Ω, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, stereo
    <0.14 Ω at 20 Hz, mono
    <0.15 Ω, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, mono

    Damping factor
    >130 at 20 Hz, referred to 8 Ω, stereo
    >120, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, referred to 8 Ω, stereo
    >60 at 20 Hz, referred to 8 Ω, mono
    >55, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, referred to 8 Ω, mono

    Power consumption
    Standby: 40 W stereo or 35 W mono
    Idle: 85 W stereo or 65 W mono
    Maximum: 1900 W

    Heat output
    Standby: 140 BTU/hr stereo or 120 BTU/hr mono
    Idle: 290 BTU/hr stereo or 220 BTU/hr mono
    Maximum: 2800 BTU/hr

    8.60 in W x 5.80 in H x 24.00 in D
    218 mm W x 147 mm H x 610 mm D

    Unit only: 49 lb [22.2 kg]
    As shipped: 58 lb [26.3 kg]

    Krell S275

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