Cable de red Isotek Optimum

Cable de red Isotek Optimum

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Cable de alimentación de 1'5 metros Blindaje triple Conductores de OFC de alta corriente Clavija IEC IsoTek con conectores bañados en oro

Clavija MK Conductor: 3 x 2'5 mm cuadrados

• Corriente máxima: 20 A

• Aislamiento: PVC de alta calidad

• Blindaje: aluminio/poliéster

• Resistencia: inferior a 8 ohmios/km


Cable de cobre puro en tres núcleos libre de oxigeno OFC, capacidad hasta 20A, blindado contra RF, conector IEC de Isotek, longitud única 1,5 metros.


Características técnicas: Radio frequency interference is now universally regarded to be a major problem in high quality audio replay. As all cables, generally speaking, act as antenna and attract RFI it was vital to provide an affordable solution to this problem whilst maintaining neutrality within the cable design. The Premium, Elite, Optimum and Supreme offer a sensible solution to this problem and are designed to work with our more sophisticated filtering products without adding characteristics of their own, a problem that is often overlooked within mains cable design. We chose not to offer a platting solution, although this is a wise choice for RFI rejection capacitance is often built up within the cable as a by product, in our designs we wanted to not only provide a good quality link to our products from the mains supply and to equipment coupled to our equipment but also provide a link that did not alter the sonic characterises of the hardware. Therefore our cables offer a no-nonsense solution. Three high-grade cores of annealed Oxygen Free Copper conductors are encased in a highly flexible PVC inner sheath, this is then surrounded by a braided screen, this earthed screen forms an active RF shield around the inner cores. The effect is a reduction in the background mush within the system, producing a more open airy sound with a greater sense of high frequency detail. The cable is terminated with high quality connectors to ensure long-term reliability and performance. Optimum The Optimum uses the same high grade Oxygen Free Copper as the Elite, but with larger conductors rated at 20A. This makes it ideal for use with amplifiers and active speakers and anything else which may draw a large amount of current. The Optimum uses a high quality copper plug and the IsoTek high quality IEC connector. Conductors: Oxygen Free Copper Inner sheath: PVC Shielding: Earthed double screen Cable rating: 20A (230V) Standard length: 1,5 M.

Cable de red Isotek Optimum

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