Cable de red Isol 8 Mainline 2 AV

Cable de red Isol 8 Mainline 2 A

cable de red con firltro digital incorporado

The MainLine² is an extremely high quality mains lead utilising IsoLink 'OFC' cable and incorporating Isol-8's cutting edge filtering module. This module contains up to 28 individual components, designed to remove most sources of mains borne or generated noise without sacrificing a system's dynamics. The filter itself features a custom-made, high current inductor for common mode, wide band noise removal; and a series of VDRs and other transient suppression devices in a delta format across all three lines to eliminate voltage spikes that could otherwise damage expensive equipment. On the case of the filter are two external, easily changeable, fuses in bayonet fixings. An LED is also incorporated to show that the unit is on and operating correctly. The Isol-8 MainLine² offers a very cost effective, high quality mains supply to individual components without the financial investment of say an Isol-8 SubStation. The MainLine² is an ideal contender in, for example, systems with only two or three audio components. Again, in keeping with Isol-8's ethos, if more than one MainLine² is used in a system, cross contamination of component noise is eliminated. The Isol-8 MainLine²'s high quality aluminium chassis measures 200mm x 65mm x 65mm within a 2M length of cable as standard. Any other length is available to order. We offer the MainLine² in three configurations: Standard for use with any product Digital for use with CD players AV for use with video products All three versions can be ordered with Furutech FI-15 or FI-25 connectors if preferred. Dimensions: 71 x 66 x 200mm (W x H x D) Product weight: 1.8Kg Shipping weight 2.1Kg Mains Voltage: 200-260VAC Maximum Current: 10 Amps (2300VA) Internal mains (live and neutral) fuse: Two 10 Amps anti surge ceramic fuses

Cable de red Isol 8 Mainline 2 A

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