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Cable de red Isol 8 Isolink 1

Cable de red Isol 8 Isolink 1

cable de red 1,5m

The IsoLink is an extremely high quality mains lead using high grade Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) conductors and improved RF shielding. A transparent outer jacket finishes this highly flexible lead. These lsoLink leads continue to deliver performance far ahead of their price point and are ideal as upgrades to any Hi-Fi components or for use with other ISOL-8 products. Available in three versions: IsoLink 1: utilising the industry standard Schurter IEC connector. IsoLink 2: utilising the excellent Furutech FI-15 gold plated IEC connector. IsoLink 3: utilising the astonishing Furutech FI-25 rhodium plated IEC connector. The standard lead length is 1.5M. Any other length is available to order. Diameter: 12mm OD Product weight: 0.4Kg (1.5M) Shipping weight 1Kg Mains Voltage: 100-260VAC Cable rating 20 Amps Maximum Current: Isolink 1 - 3: Fused to 10A (2300VA)

Cable de red Isol 8 Isolink 1

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