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Focal SM9 Altavoces activos

Focal SM9

Monitores profesionales de 3 vias con entradas analógicas.
Woofer 11” + 8” + 6.5” Focal .Tweeter de Berilio 1”
Respuesta en frecuencia 30Hz - 40kHz (3 vias), 90Hz - 20kHz (2 vias)
Max. SPL : 116 dB (3 vias), 106 dB (2 vias)
Amplificador : 400w + 100w + 100w AB
Entradas XLR. Peso 35 kg.

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Focal SM9 Altavoces activos, precio la pareja, dos unidades

El Focal SM9 es un monitor activo para estudio de 3 vias con 2 woofer, uno de 8" y otro de 6.5"
Respuesta de frecuencia: Modo 3 Vias : 30Hz - 40kHz (+/- 3dB) / 40Hz - 20kHz (+/- 1dB) - Modo 2 Vias (Focus) : 90Hz - 20kHz (+/- 3dB)
Máximo SPL: Modo 3 Vias : 116dB SPL / Modo 2 Vidas (Focus) : 106dB SPL
Potencia: Graves 400W, Medios 100W, Agudos 100W
Luz de encendido y de clip en la parte frontal
Acabado en negro

Dimensiones: 320mm x 490mm x 390mm
Peso: 35 Kg

This monitoring speaker establishes itself as a reference thanks to the precision of the stereo image, its capacity to reproduce each of the micro details of the audio signal, as well as unconditional respect of the original dynamics.
One of the major SM9 innovations lies in the fact of offering 2 monitoring speakers in only one and unique cabinet. The SM9 is thus composed of 2 monitors: a 3 way monitor and a 2 way monitor.

The SM9 monitoring loudspeaker is packed with Focal Professional technologies and innovations. The pure Beryllium inverted dome tweeter offers a perfectly linear frequency response and extremely precise and detailed treble. The 6.5-inch ‘W’ composite sandwich cone woofer offers perfect neutrality thanks to the optimised control of rigidity, lightness and damping. The 8-inch speaker driver, combined with a ‘W’-shaped passive radiator, enables the perfectly precise reproduction of the deep bass register.

Sound with great precision
Another key point: the SM9 is equipped with a class AB amplifier (100 + 100 + 400W RMS) with very low harmonic distortion, which along with the high frequency response curve, ensure great precision and faithful dynamics of low-level audio signals.

One of the SM9’s major innovations and its key strength lies in the combination of two monitoring loudspeakers in one cabinet. This 3-way monitor enables flawless control of the entire audio spectrum (30Hz-40kHz). The 2-way monitor, with a frequency response ranging from 90Hz to 20kHz, gives you the ability to check the mix transfer quality on devices with a limited bass response (TV, computer, car…)

Technical specifications
Frequency response 3-way mode 30Hz - 40kHz (+/- 3dB)
40Hz - 20kHz (+/- 1dB)
2-way mode (Focus) 90Hz - 20kHz (+/- 3dB)
Maximum SPL 3-way mode 116dB SPL (peak @ 1m)
2-way mode (Focus) 106dB SPL (peak @ 1m)
Electronic section
Input Type / Impedance
Electronically balanced / 10 kOhms
Adjustable, +4dBu or -10dBV
400W, class AB
100W, class AB
100W, class AB
Power supply Local supply
230V (3.15A fuse)
115V (6.3A)
IEC inlet and detachable power cord
User controls and indicators Rear panel
Side panel
Input sensitivity selector (+4dBu / -10dBV)
High-pass crossover (full range, 45, 60, 90Hz @ -6dB)
Low frequency shelving
(+/- 3dB from 30 to 250Hz per step of 0.5dB)
High frequency shelving
(+/- 3dB from 4.5 to 40kHz per step of 0.5dB)
Low frequency EQ
(+/- 3dB per step of 0.5dB @ 50Hz, Q factor = 2)
Low-mid frequency EQ
(+/- 3dB per step of 0.5dB @ 160Hz, Q factor = 1)
Mid frequency EQ
(+/- 3dB per step of 0.5dB @ 1kHz, Q factor = 0.6)
Stand By / On switch
Direct switch
Focus switch
Light indicator Power On, clipping and default on front panel LED
Passive radiator 11WPP52, 11” (27cm) Focal “W” composite sandwich cone piston, extra wide inverted surround
Subwoofer 8W7571, 8” (20cm) Focal “W” composite sandwich cone driver
Midrange 6W0452, 6.5” (16.5cm) Focal “W” composite sandwich cone driver
Tweeter TB872, 1” pure Beryllium inverted dome tweeter
Construction 0.88”(22mm) and 1.2” (30mm) panels with internal braces
Finish Black natural veneering top and bottom panels, black body
Dimensions (HxLxD) (320mm x 490mm x 390mm)
Weight 35kg



Focal PRO
Focal SM9

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