Esoteric SZ-1

Esoteric SZ-1

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SACD/CD player Model: SZ-1 ESOTERIC’S Elegance Series Model SZ-1, visualizes the excellence of the technology inside. A new accuracy in engineering, machining and manufacturing is implemented, providing superior product for the consumer who demands exceptional quality. Simple operational controls and a comfortable size dimension (3 inch height), transform high end audio playback into a simple and new approach, without any sacrifice in system performance. Among other innovations, the SZ-1 includes Esoteric's new conventional transport mechanism and disc clamp, insuring that signals are read with the highest level of accuracy. Furthermore, all discs are read with Esoteric's "X-3" series horizontal sled and optical tracking assembly, eliminating the need for off axis error correction. This results in superior audio playback capability. We invite you to enjoy ESOTERIC’S new state of the art high-end system components in your living room, your bedroom, your office or your study. The placement options are endless and the performance is exceptional!

Esoteric SZ-1

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