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Esoteric SA60

Esoteric SA60

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Newly designed proprietary disc transport system, clamp and drive mechanism Highly rigid chassis construction with cut aluminum top and side panels Highly rigid steel and aluminum isolation plating for superior anti-vibration and anti-resonance properties. Multi-channel analog audio outputs (For multi-channel SACD & multi-channel DVD-A playback) Word synchronization function (Word clock input/BNC terminal x1). Compatible WORD SYNC external clocks include the Esoteric G25U, G-0, G-0s and AZ-1 Proprietary audio up-conversion technology (and up-conversion levels are user selectable) Updated High-precision 24-bit D/A converter Proprietary filter algorithms used in the audio up-conversion process include Esoteric’s Finite-Impulse-Response (“FIR”), and Refined Digital Output Technology (“RDOT”) Native direct stream digital (“DSD”), mode for SACD playback PCM digital audio to DSD audio signal conversion (user selectable) Remote control power on/off, remote control power standby Esoteric “X-3” technology used in the DV-60 and SA-60 includes the X-3 series horizontal sled and vertical pick-up/optical assembly. This eliminates off axis vertical tracking and the need for off axis error correction. Analog audio output: 2 ch RCA outputs (dedicated), plus multi-channel RCA outputs Digital audio outputs: Coaxial, Optical/TosLink. (SA-60 includes an i.LINK digital output) Signal format variation: “Stream” or “PCM” audio formats can be selected during SETUP mode Independent, high quality, 2 channel balanced audio cable outputs Audio disc play area now selectable from remote control and front panel Designed, engineered and manufactured in Japan Power consumption: 28 watts, 2 watts in standby mode. Dimensions: 17.4” W x 5.9” H x 13.9” D. Weight: Approximately 37 lbs

Esoteric SA60

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