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electrocompaniet EMC 1 up

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A Great CD Player...Gets Even Better. 24 Bit upsampler 192KHz DAC The EMC 1UP features a unique cancellation system which cancels acoustic / mechanical vibrations, preventing the laser pick-up from receiving unwanted and sonically degrading signals. The EMC 1UP features our latest, fully balanced symmetrical state-of-the-art circuit design powered by a FTT (Floating Transformer Technology) power supply. Design concept and construction: The basic design philosophy of the EMC 1UP CD transport is inspired by crucial knowledge ported from the analog turntable. Principally, there is no difference between a record player and a CD player. Both playback systems consist of: a motor, a pick-up and a tone arm. Phenomena such as tone arm resonance found in analog turntables – are just as problematic in typical CD players. To reduce or remove these phenomena plus other unwanted resonance, Electrocompaniet has developed a proprietary mechanical filter. The mechanical filter has been frequency adjusted by numerous listening tests by our listening panel. The mechanical filter removes internal and external vibration components from entering the laser pick-up assembly, resulting in a superior reproduction with tighter bass, bigger sound stage, precision, high resolution and amazing details. A new concept brings the CD media to its upmost. 24 Bit upsampler 192KHz DAC improves the headroom by reducing the noise floor approximately 10dB(3x). All analogue circuits are fully balanced and symmetrical, similar to the design of our amplifiers. Four separate power supplies using Floating Transformer Technology (FTT) are feeding the digital unit, the display, the drive mechanism and the analogue unit. Technical specifications -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Line section Single ended gain 1.6X (4dB) Balanced gain 3.2X (10dB) THD (1V out, 1KHz) < 0,002% Maximum output (Balanced) > 14V RMS Channel separation (1V out, 1KHz) > 90 dB Equivalent input noise 4µV Digital section Latest version of Phillips CD PRO Top loading drive unit 24 Bit upsampler 192KHz DAC Digital out RCA/XLR Other True balanced system Mechanical filter which cancels acoustic/mechanical vibrations preventing the laser pick-up from receiving unwanted signals FTT Power supply Fully remote (no volume control) Power consumption (no load or signal) 23 W Dimensions Width 483 mm / 19 inches Depth 440 mm / 17.3 inches Height 115mm / 4.5 inches Weight 20Kg / 44 lbs.

electrocompaniet EMC 1 up

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