Denon PMA-2500 NE

Denon PMA2500

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Denon PMA-2500NE amplificador estéreo 80 Watios RMS y 160 Watios a 4Ohmios. Dispone de entradas analógicas y digitales. Optica, Coaxial, USB compatible con DSD... y procesador AL32 Previo de fono MM y MC. Chasis configurado en 6 bloques independientes.

Denon PMA-2500 NE - Amplificador de 80 Watios RMS con entradas analógicas y digitales. Optica, Coaxial, USB compatible con DSD... y procesador AL32 Previo de fono MM y MC. Chasis configurado en 6 bloques independientes, 

Galardonado diseño de audio Denon

Amplificador de potencia con circuito Push-Pull Advanced UHC-MOS sencillo de corriente ultra alta con diodos de barrera Schottky

Doble FET de alta precisión + circuito elevador en cascada

Potencia de salida de 2 x 160 W (4 ohmios)

Entrada USB-B: modo asíncrono, compatible con PCM hasta 384 kHz/32 bits y DSD de 11,2 MHz

2 entradas digitales ópticas y 2 entradas digitales coaxiales

Procesamiento Advanced AL32 Processing Plus para entradas digitales

Pantalla que muestra información sobre la entrada seleccionada y la señal digital (fs)

Ecualizador de phono MM y MC de alto rendimiento

Modo analógico

Modo de parada de microprocesador para una mayor calidad de sonido

Avanzado aislamiento y blindaje para la sección de entrada digital

Reproducción de una mayor gama dinámica, compatible con fuentes de sonido de alta calidad

Control de volumen de alta calidad para un ajuste preciso

Construcción con anclaje mecánico directo

Construcción de chasis con 6 bloques independientes para eliminar el ruido

Transformador de red exclusivo para los circuitos analógicos y transformador adicional para los circuitos digitales

Mando a distancia de aluminio (también controla el DCD-2500NE Denon)

Amplificador de potencia con circuito Push-Pull Advanced UHC-MOS de corriente ultra alta; 2 x 160 W (4 ohmios)

Construcción de chasis de 6 bloques

Ecualizador de phono MM y MC de alto rendimiento

Entrada USB-B compatible con PCM hasta 384 kHz/32 bits y DSD de 11,2 MHz

2 entradas digitales ópticas y 2 entradas digitales coaxiales

Procesamiento Advanced AL32 Processing Plus

Modo analógico

Como compañero a juego encontramos el CD Denon DCD2500


Denon is one of the rare audio brands that continued to actively develop Hi-Fi components and accumulate, refi ne, and pass down
Hi-Fi audio technologies. The 2500NE series, designed for today’s age, has been developed by both veteran engineers and talented
young engineers who have inherited the Denon technologies and expertise that have been cultivated over many years and decades.
And the performance of the PMA-2500NE goes well beyond that of Denon’s previous PMA-2000 series. With its ultimate built-quality,
unique Denon technologies and state-of-the-art connectivity, the PMA-2500NE truly is a masterpiece of sound technology. Thanks to the rear USB-B input and embedded high quality D/A converter, the PMA plays high resolution files up to 384kHz/32bit and DSD up to 11.2MHz from a computer in impeccable sonic quality. For the best performance from analogue inputs, the PMA features an Analog Mode which allows to switch off all unutilized sections like the digital input circuitry or the low noise display for an unaltered audio reproduction.

Advanced Ultra-High Current (UHC)-MOS Single Push-Pull Circuit for balancing Power and Details 
To achieve impeccable balance between delicate details and vigor in sound, the PMA-2500NE employs Ultra High Current MOS (UHC-MOS) FETs, capable of producing ample current in a single push-pull configuration which deliver superior linearity in the output stage throughout the sonic range from musical details to robust current. The technique of driving multiple amplifier devices in parallel to secure robust current has solved the problem of muddiness in sound caused by uneven performance among the devices. And to achieve musical expression filled with the delicate nuances of sound, Denon has continued to focus on amplification performed by one pair of devices. The PMA-2500NE is endowed with high-voltage, large-capacity UHC-MOS FETs (peak current of 210A). In addition, the Dual FET + cascode bootstrap connection maintains a constant voltage for the UHC-MOS while improving temperature stability, to reliably bring out the superior acoustic characteristics of UHC-MOS.

Direct Mechanical Ground Construction to minimise unwanted vibration
The power section, mounted on a sub-chassis solidly constructed with three layers of 1.6mm thick steel plates, has been positioned in the centre of the PMA-2500NE. With heat sinks on both sides, this construction of well-balanced mass is in an ideal location to prevent unwanted vibration from affecting sound quality. In addition, the feet supporting the heavy weight of the power transformer, heat sinks, and chassis are made of highly rigid, solid Bulk Molding Compound (BMC), and high-density felt pads attached to the bottom of the feet further absorb vibration.

Advanced AL32 Processing Plus supporting 384-kHz/32-bit PCM input
For digital input, the PMA-2500NE employs Advanced AL32 Processing Plus, the latest version of Denon’s analogue waveform
reproduction technology which utilizes unique data interpolation algorithms and also supports high-resolution 384-kHz/32-bit PCM signal input. These algorithms interpolate points that should exist before and after the points in large quantities of data to achieve a smooth waveform that is close to that of the original signal. By carefully restoring data that was lost during digital recording, the resulting playback sound is highly detailed, free of interference, accurately localized, richly expressive in the lower range, and beautifully faithful to the original sound. With the PMA-2500NE’s digital input, high-quality analogue signals that pass through Advanced AL32 Processing Plus are sent to the amp block at the stage that follows.

6-block chassis configuration
The PMA-2500NE’s chassis is configured of six independent blocks that house the phono equalizer and input circuitry, volume
control circuitry, USB-DAC circuitry, amplification circuitry, power section, and the control section. The chassis constructed with 1.6mm thick steel plates protects the signal circuits from external vibration and eliminates the adverse effects of mutual interference among the circuits.

USB-DAC supporting 11.2-MHz DSD and 384-kHz/32-bit PCM The PMA-2500NE provides USB-DAC functions that support high-resolution 11.2-MHz DSD and 384-kHz/32-bit PCM input signals. DSD transmission methods support ASIO native playback and DSD Audio over PCM Frames (DoP). Since asynchronous transfer is controlled by the PMA-2500NE’s master clock rather than the clock of a computer the transfer is free of jitter. The D/A converter used in the PMA-2500NE is the same 384-kHz/32- bit DAC used in the DCD-2500NE to deliver a clean, high-grade sound.

Robust power supply circuitry
The PMA-2500NE is equipped with two transformers that have been mounted facing opposite directions in a leakage cancelling
(LC) mount system to cancel mutual influences of magnetic flux, a source of noise, leaking from the transformers. Denon’s custom-designed, large-capacity electrolytic capacitors have been used for rectification, and low-loss, low-noise, high-speed Schottky barrier diodes have been used in the rectifier circuitry. This ensures a sufficient supply of clean current. To achieve a “simple & straight” circuit configuration, the connection unit between the diode unit and the block capacitor has been removed to drastically shorten the current supply line to the power amp. Extremely thick OFC wiring material (14 AWG) has been used for the power line to reduce impedance.

• Further improved sound quality
• 2 optical and 2 coaxial digital inputs
• USB-B input for High Resolution Audio up to 384kHz/32bit and
11.2MHz DSD
• Advanced AL32 Processing Plus

• 2x 160 W (4ohm)
• Advanced Ultra-High Current (UHC)-MOS Single Push-Pull Circuit for balancing Power and Details
• DAC Master Clock Design
• Complex chassis construction with 6 independent blocks to eliminate unwanted noises
• High-performance MM & MC Phono Equalizer
• Digital isolator to eliminate high-frequency computer noise on the USB-B
• Direct Mechanical Ground Construction to minimise unwanted vibration

• System remote control unit to control the amplifier and CD Player as well
• Large size volume control knob for precise adjustment
• External Pre-Amplifier Input for easy integration in a Multichannel AV System
• Auto Standby and low power consumption at stand-by 0.2 W

Medidas Ancho 434 x Alto 182 x Fondo 431mm
Peso de 25Kg 

Denon PMA2500


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