Denon DN-X900

Denon DN-X900

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    Cross Fader and Channel Fader-Start Trigger is compatible with all
    Denon DJ CD/MP3 players.
    • Compact 4U Rack Space w/Recessed Rear Terminals
    • Independent 3-band Main and Aux Mic EQ
    • Mic Talkover Function w/Sensitivity Adjustment
    • Independent CUE System (all channels)
    • Split / Cue Headphone Monitor w/PFL Metering
    • Master Output -10dB Attenuation Switch
    • Master Output Stereo/Mono Switch
    • Zone Output w/Volume Adjust
    • Record Out – RCA/Unbalanced
    • 2 Digital Outputs – Toslink/SPDIF
    • Subwoofer/Lighting Output w/Freq Adjust
    Ideal for powered speakers, powered amp or even a signal feed
    forlighting systems.
    • Gold Plated RCA Connectors
    • Optional Rotary Knob Kit, Model: ACD-46
    A DJ or club owner can easily swap out any Channel Fader (1 to 4)
    and replace them with our Optional ACD-46 Rotary Knob Kits,
    making the DN-X500 appealing to both Fader and Knob style DJs.
    With itspowerful matrix routing option, it doesn’t matter where
    Denon DN-X900

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