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The Latest HD Audio and Video Support • New lossless audio formats Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoders. • New advanced audio formats Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD High Resolution Audio decoders • Deep Color 30/36 bits colour depth and xvYCC broader colour space support. • HDMI1.3a inputs/outputs allow to handle HD audio and video signal with higher speed. State-of-the-art Denon Solutions for Maximising Content Quality • Identical quality and power for all 7 channels, 150W x 7ch • Dynamic Discretes Surround Circuit, D.D.S.C.-HD -Discrete Devices for ultimate performance in each block -Dual New 32bit floating point DSP -Master clock design for more accurate processing and less jitter noise. -Advanced AL24 processing provides more dynamic range and improve low level sound details. • Compressed Audio Restorer Denon's new audio technology for MP3/WMA/AAC compressed format to reproduce higher frequency range and deeper bass sound. This new audio technology provides better sound for iPod, USB player and network streaming audio. •Latest version Mult EQ XT -New tower type microphone for more accurate measuring -Maximum eight points measurements -New filtering ALFC(Adaptive Low Frequency Correction) for higher resolution processing in low frequency band. • HD Video Circuit -Discrete devices for ultimate HD video performance in each block -REALTA/HQV Processing up to 1080p -Denon Picture Image Correction (DPIC) circuitry -12bit/216MHz video encoder and decoder with NSV -Analog to HDMI up conversion and HDMI to HDMI up conversion •New Chassis Construction for clear audio and video signal -Minimum signal path -Direct Mechanical Ground for stable drive -Separate unit design -Denon original speaker terminals Digital Media Connectivity • Network -Playback music file from PC or DLNA server -AAC, WMA , MP3, FLAC, WAV file support -Playback over 7000 internet radio stations -JPEG Photo slideshow -Wired network or Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b and g -WEB system control via network • iPod® audio, photo and video playback (optional ASD product family) • Mass storage support USB for audio and photo playback Ease-of-Use • New Graphical User Interface Newly developed user interface for easy operation, setup and digital media browsing. -Album art support for iPod/Network/USB -Title text for iPod/Network/USB -Multi language support -Available for 1080p HDMI signal -Zone 2 OSD with text/album art is also available • Multi-lingual support for GUI • Auto set-up and Room EQ, featuring MultEQ XT from Audyssey • Includes dedicated zone remote control unit • Auto Lip Sync (HDMI 1.3a) • New back panel layout Multi Zone Capability •Four Zone multi source capability •Digital to analog conversion for multi zone output •Zone2 OSD •Dual HDMI output simultaneously •Dual component outputs and independent zone component output •Remote in/out •RS-232C control •IP control State-of-the-art Denon Solutions for Maximising Content Quality • Digital / Analog separate winding • Large-output power amp section and power supply configuration, for stable high-power output • Stable power supply for high-quality sound and picture playback • 24-bit/192-kHz D/A converter for all channels • DENON Link (3rd), for high-speed, high-grade digital signal transmission • Pure Direct mode, for the enjoyment of music in high-quality sound • Supports the most advanced surround playback formats Dolby Digital EX / Dolby Digital / Dolby Pro Logic IIx DTS-ES / DTS 96/24 / DTS Neo:6 / DTS / HDCD • Variable subwoofer crossover switching • Pre-amp with Variable Gain Volume Connectivity & Future-ready Expandability • HDMI™ inputs with 1080p capability • Video Up conversion capable of output to HDMI port • 3 Sources and Zone Capability • RS-232C terminal, for external 3rd party control systems and possible future upgrades • Remote IN/OUT ports • Zone2 Theatre digital (OPT) audio output (Bitstream, Liner PCM, Analog to Digital) • Zone2 Video output (Component, OSD) Ease-of-Use • 3 Quick Select Buttons • Auto Surround Back Channels ON function, for auto-detection of supporting sources • Auto Surround mode • Audio Delay function (max. 6 frames or 200 msec) • Night Mode for neighbor friendly listening • Muting level settings (∞/-40dB/-20dB) • Audio Level Memory, capable of correcting different signal levels for each input device • Volume Level Limiter, for setting maximum volume levels • Power-ON Volume Level Memory • EL programmable remote control unit Specifications Power Amplifier Section Rated output *THD figures are power amp stage values. Front 150 W + 150 W (8 ohms, 20Hz - 20kHz) Centre 150 W (8 ohms, 20Hz - 20kHz) Surround 150 W + 150 W (8 ohms, 20Hz - 20kHz) Surround back 150 W + 150 W (8 ohms, 20Hz - 20kHz) Preamplifier Section Input sensitivity/impedance PHONO(MM) 2.5 mV/47 kohms Audio inputs 200 mV/47 kohms Output level/Load impedance Audio outputs 1.2 V/10 kohms Rec. Audio outputs 200 mV/47 kohms General Power supply AC 230 V, 50 Hz Dimensions (WxHxD) 434 x 217 x 500 mm


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