Auriculares cancelación de ruido Denon AH-NC800


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Denon Dual Cancelation Technology restaurador de audio comprimido y combinación de cancelación de ruido

Featuring not one, but two high resolution noise canceling microphones in each earpiece, the AH-NC800 provides superior noise reduction and improved listening fidelity. One microphone collects external ambient noise, while the other is focused on unwanted vibrations within the acoustic enclosure itself. Together with our sophisticated noise canceling circuitry, they combine to provide unparalleled noise reduction along with superior wide range fidelity.

Denon Compressed Audio Restorer Technology
Portable audio tracks often suffer from fidelity loss due to excess compression, with restricted high frequency response that results in a duller sound, and a lack of detail in the low bass range. Our exclusive Compressed Audio Restorer provides a full reconstruction of the original wide range response for the most natural tonal balance over the widest frequency range, and can be switched off when not needed.


Hours Of Listening Comfort
Denon’s professional over-ear headphones are the premier choice of the world’s most renowned DJs and pro musicians due to their combination of utmost fidelity and supreme comfort during extended listening sessions. The AH-NC800 features that same elevated combination of comfort and fidelity and can be worn with ease for far longer than conventional headphones. The 3D-contoured earpieces feature supple protein leather covers over compliant foam cushions that together provide superior isolation from external sounds as well as supreme comfort.


Hybrid Material Construction
Denon’s exclusive Hybrid Material construction provides the ideal combination of lightness and rigidity that simply isn’t possible with conventional plastic or metal designs, and allows coloration-free audio reproduction. The lightweight headband design features 11 comfort adjustment steps, and the headphones quickly fold flat for storage in the supplied compact carrying case.




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