Copland CVA-306

Copland CVA-306

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The CVA 306 six channel valve preamplifier establishes a new standard within multi-channel performance. In addition to the five normal stereo inputs, CVA 306 accepts six channel analog outputs from DVD surround sound / DVD or SACD audio. The pure class A high output voltage amplifiers of CVA 306 has a substantial overload margin and will, with effortless ease, accommodate the full dynamic range available from the digital program sources. A substantial power supply rejection ratio is built into the signal carrying circuitry, in order to keep audio information completely unaffected by the power supply. Employing excellent line circuit identical to the COPLAND CTA 305, this amplifier offers the unique possibility to explore the authority of high quality valve amplification in a music and film system


Medidas Ancho 430 x Alto 110 x Fondo 390 mm

Peso de 10 Kgs previo a valvulas multicanal con 6 entradas RCA

Copland CVA-306

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