Classe CAP-2100

Classe CAP-2100

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The CAP-2100 is designed for two-channel music systems where the convenience and simplicity of a high-performance integrated amplifier are required. Exceptional value is achieved by integrating the circuitry of a separate Classé preamplifier (CP-500) and amplifier (CA-2100) into a single chassis. In addition to the cost savings associated with integration, the CAP-2100 joins power and preamp without the usual cost and performance implications of interconnect cables and connectors. Further, one amplification stage is made redundant, simplifying the overall signal path. The result is a beautifully packaged jewel, capable of startlingly lifelike sound at a comparatively modest price. Separate Components, Single Chassis Integrated amplifiers pose a particular design challenge, since low-level sources including phono signals must be routed near the high-powered amplifier components. To minimize interaction, the circuits are physically separated within the chassis. The CAP-2100 employs three separate power supplies to completely isolate power amp, preamp and control circuits. These three custom made, shielded, low-noise toroidal transformers and their related rectification, filtering and regulation stages are all located in the front portion of the unit, directly behind the front panel display. Digital control circuits are confined to the center of the chassis, away from the sensitive audio signal paths. The preamp circuits are located along the rear of the chassis, nearest the input connectors. This allows signal path lengths to be kept short and keeps maximum distance between the most sensitive signals and the noisier supply and control circuits. It also allows signals to be amplified and made more robust at the earliest opportunity. In addition to duplicating the CP-500 signal path, a special four-layer pc board provides optimum routing of signals and power. This four-layer board includes a large ground plane, which provides additional shielding to keep the preamp environment free of noise. Single-ended preamp outputs are provided for driving a separate external power amplifier or subwoofer amplifier. These outputs can be driven while also using the internal power amplifier, without sonic compromise. Amplifier The CAP-2100 amplifier stages are directly derived from those used in the CA-2100 power amplifier. Power is provided from separate left- and right-channel secondary windings on a large, high-regulation, shielded toroidal transformer. This keeps power for left and right channels completely separated back through the transformer. As with all Classé amplifiers, solid state devices of different type (J-FET, MOSFET and bipolar) are used in combination to achieve extraordinary sonic and electrical performance. A massive array of filter capacitors provides a large reservoir of stable, quiet power to optimize the operation of all amplifier circuits. Special low-dielectric FR-4 glass-epoxy pc boards are used to minimize capacitive coupling of adjacent pc traces. Thick and wide copper traces use radiused corners to provide excellent, low impedance connections for component parts at all frequencies. Chassis Even the chassis contributes to performance by isolating the circuits from external vibration. As with other Classé models, the CAP-2100 chassis is made of both steel and aluminum. The front panel wrap is an aluminum extrusion with a broad radius on the front corners. The feet are specially designed with Navcom™ LimbSaver® material inserts to decouple the unit from external vibration. As a mechanical system, the chassis provides a rigid, stable, low-vibration platform for the audio circuitry. Optional Phono The CAP-2100 may be fitted with optional Classé phono modules (CPM). Gain is selectable from the front panel to accommodate both low-output (MC) and high-output (MM) cartridges with 72dB and 42dB of gain respectively. The signal path benefits from clean, quite power, supplied by local ultra-low-noise regulator amplifiers. The entire signal path, including RIAA equalization is performed in balanced mode, preserving one of the inherent benefits of phono cartridge outputs. The CPM uses discrete, low-noise output drivers and passive components are all high-grade polypropylene capacitors and 1% film-type resistors. Custom phono loading may be added to available sockets on the pc board. Installation by an authorized Classé dealer is recommended. Control As with separate Classé component amplifiers, digital circuitry manages the monitoring and protection circuits. These circuits are independent of the analog audio circuits, with power being derived from a separate secondary transformer/power supply. DC servos are used to prevent sonically degrading and potentially dangerous DC voltages from reaching the loudspeakers. Thermal sensors monitor operating temperatures and switch the unit off if safe limits are exceeded. Hall-effect sensors lying outside the signal path provide data that is analyzed continuously, allowing the CAP-2100 to protect its output stage from a dangerous fault condition, without limiting the performance of the amplifier stage under difficult operating conditions. The CAP-2100 monitors line voltage, frequency, AC phase and ground condition as well as internal temperature. Full control is available from the bi-directional RS-232 port on the rear panel, as well as by IR remote. DC trigger outputs enhance the system automation available from the CAP-2100. Touchscreen The front panel controls are implemented by way of a TFT touchscreen display, which simplifies the user interface, reduces display-related noise and allows users the convenience of customization. Name input buttons as you like and disable those that are not in use to remove them from the main operation screen. The touchscreen makes the CAP-2100 easier to use and also adds to its aesthetic value, whether used alone or together with other Classé delta series components. The CAP-2100 is literally an integrated product of Classé’s separate component preamp and power amp models CP-500 and CA-2100 respectively. The Classé Design Team have managed to create a beautifully packaged and elegant component that performs at the level of separate components, but sized and priced more efficiently. Music lovers who prefer the simplicity or convenience of an integrated package will find the CAP-2100 is truly a solution without compromise. The CAP-2100 combines the separate component preamp CP-500 and CA-2100 amplifier into a single elegant and powerful package. Features include balanced and single-ended inputs, dual speaker binding posts, TFT touchscreen display, IR remote and bi-directional RS-232 control. model CAP-2100 frequency response distortion (THD + noise) 20Hz - 20kHz ± 0.1dB 0.005% (1Vrms balanced input) preamp section sensitivity 1.0Vrms (balanced input, volume 86) S/N ratio channel separation >90dB >95dB power amp section power/channel (continuous) (120VAC line, 1kHz signal regulated to 1% THD + noise into resistive load, all channels driven) load (resistive) 8Ω 100W 4Ω 200W inputs single-ended inputs single-ended tape inputs balanced inputs 3pr RCA (incl. 1pr w/phono option) / 100kΩ 1pr RCA / 100kΩ 1pr XLR / 200kΩ outputs speaker single-ended (preamp out) balanced tape out 2pr 1pr RCA none 1pr RCA power consumption rated power consumption idle 260W TBA weights & measurements width depth height gross weight net weight 17.5” (445 mm) 16.5” (419 mm) (excluding connectors) 4.75” (121 mm) 59 lbs (27 kg) 50 lbs (23 kg)

Classe CAP-2100

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