Blue Horizon Record Mat

Blue Horizon Isotek Record Mat

Alfombrilla para giradiscos compuesta de goma, corcho y cuero

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This high-performance record mat is made from a unique composite of India rubber, cork and leather. Its fine, granular composition keeps firm hold of every record played, whilst suppressing the resonance generated during playback. The mat's dual-layer design makes it easy to adapt to different record thicknesses without needing to alter tonearm height (VTA) – use the first layer for audiophile-grade vinyl, add the second for standard records. The result is the perfect coupling between record and platter – an utterly silent foundation, ensuring every drop of musical detail within the groove is delivered with unfettered clarity.

The Blue Horizon Record Mat will improve the sound of any turntable, high end or entry level, delivering clearly audible improvements that other mats can’t match. The sound gains greater resolution and focus, with enhanced detail and improved bass definition; music sounds more real, more vital, and hence the listener’s enjoyment is significantly heightened. For any vinyl lover, the Blue Horizon Record Mat is a must. [Full colour packaging]



  • Unique composite in India Rubber, cork and leather holds firmly whilst suppressing resonance generated during playback
  • Dual-layer design makes it easy to adapt to different record thicknesses without needing to adjust the VTA
Blue Horizon Isotek Record Mat

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