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Previo/procesador de A/V de 7 canales; Modos disponibles: monofónico, directo+subwoofer, HDCD, HDCD+subwoofer, mezcla estereofónica, Dolby Pro-Logic, Dolby Pro-Logic+subwoofer, Dolby Pro-Logic II para música/cine con y sin subwoofer, sonido envolvente 5.1 con y sin subwoofer 445 x 74 x 337 8.5 kg Plata y Negro 1.599 € para estéreo, Dolby Digital, DTS para música, DTS para cine, MPEG-2 (opcional), sonido envolvente 7.1 con y sin subwoofer para estéreo, DTS-ES Discrete y DTS Neo:6; Mando a distancia compatible con los modelos de la Serie 8000. The new 8000 Series from Audiolab also caters well for Home Theatre applications. The 8000AV Pre-Amplifier and the 8000X7 Power Amplifier continue the theories of no- nonsense engineering and great production quality. Designed for the real AV enthusiast these two components have stacks of power and are capable of handling any of the most complicated of Home Theatre applications you should wish to throw at them. The 8000AV home theatre pre-amplifier is a fully featured 7.1 channel AV processor which can be used in conjunction with our dedicated 7 channel power amplifier or any combination of our stereo and mono power amplifiers. Optical and co-axial digital inputs, as well as analogue audio inputs, allow seamless transitions between audio sources. Video switching is offered between up to eight inputs - both S-video and composite. All popular formats are supported and the unit is supplied as standard with trigger switches to allow integration with a full cinema installation. Quote "Optical and co-axial digital inputs, as well as analogue audio inputs allow seamless transitions between audio sources." Digital Input frequencies 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz Digital input impedance Coaxial 75 Ohm Digital output impedance 75 Ohm Analogue input impedance 10 kOhm Analogue input frequency response DC - 50kHz (-3dB) Direct, 2Hz-20kHz (+/- 0.5dB) Processed Analogue input THD 0.0065% processed, 0.0015% direct Tape output impedance 100 Ohm Maximum analogue output level 5Vrms on all channels Analogue output frequency response 2Hz - 20kHz (processed) Analogue output S/N ratio L/R - 102dB, other channels 90dB @ ref volume Analogue output THD 0.004% for each channel Video bandwith 1Hz - 20 MHz (+/- 3dB

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