Audeze iSine 20

Audeze iSine 20

Auricular In-ear semi-abierto / Drivers: Planomagnéticos (30 mm) / Matriz magnética: Fluxor (neodimio de alto grado) / Diafragma: Uniforce ultra.fina

Accesorios incluidos: Cable lightning Cipher, cable estéreo minijack de 1,5 m, adaptadores 

Accesorios Opcional: iSine Cipher Bluetooth Module

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Audeze iSine 20 auriculares que incluyen tanto un cable especial para Apple como un cable normal terminado en minijack para utilizar con cualquier tipo de dispositivo

El cable Cipher, con conector lightning, es compatible con dispositivos Apple — iPhone, iPads e iPods que cuentan con puerto lightning —. Incluye un DAC de 24 bit, un amplificador que puede mover holgadamente tanto iSINE como SINE y EL-8, y DSP. Cuenta, por último, con un micro compatible con SIRI de Apple y permite utilizarlos como manos libres.

Reducir los drivers planomagnéticos no es tarea fácil. La nueva serie iSINE de Audeze apenas pesa 20 gramos, pero incluye la tecnología patentada de Audeze como los imanes Fluxor que aumentan la potencia hasta casi doblar las fuerzas magnéticas en su tamaño, diafragmas ultra finos con tecnología de bobina de voz Uniforce patentada que ofrece la mejor experiencia con auriculares in-ear hasta la fecha. La distorsión armónica (THD) es inferior al 0.1% en todo el rango, incluso a alto volumen, un logro impresionante para los diseños de auriculares intraurales.

Al igual que los modelos SINE y EL-8 Titanium, los iSINE han sido diseñados por BMW Designworks USA y fabricados en la sede de Audeze en Costa Mesa (California).

Tipo: In-ear semi-abierto
Drivers: Planomagnéticos (30 mm)
Matriz magnética: Fluxor (neodimio de alto grado)
Diafragma: Uniforce ultra.fina
Respuesta en frecuencia: 10 Hz-50 KHz
SPL Máximo: >120dB
Impedancia: 24 ohms
Distorsión armónica total: < 1% en todo el espectro @ 100dB
Peso: 20 gramos sin cable

Acabado: Negro y cobre
Accesorios incluidos: Cable lightning Cipher, cable estéreo minijack de 1,5 m, adaptadores


Frequently Asked Questions
Do I get complete sound isolation from the iSINEs?
NO, and you are not supposed to - they are not designed that way. You can vary the amount of fit versus isolation by changing the eartip sizes. We suggest starting with the small size first. By designing the earphones to rest just inside the ear canal and having a semi-open design, you get more accurate bass (flat to 10Hz!) and a much wider/realistic soundstage

What’s the difference in sound between the iSINE 10 and iSINE 20?
Because the impedance of the 10 is 16 ohms, and the 20 is 24 ohms, then technically, the iSINE 20 should have a little more resolution. This is similar to the difference between the 70 ohm LCD2 and 110 ohm LCD3. Customers have told us they think the 20 has a little smoother midrange. The bass response (below about 600Hz down to 10Hz) is identical.

The iSINEs look big – are they heavy?
No, they only weigh about 20 grams, and this is less than the Beats by Dre Power Beats models. And because they don’t have to be jammed into your ear canal to sound good, they are very comfortable to wear for hours at a time.

How do I use the earhooks?
I’m having trouble aligning the iSINEs on my ears. First, align the earhoook so that it’s vertical; not at an angle. Next, try putting the earhoook on first – over your ear and behind it, then push the iSINE in your ear. We also suggest starting first with the smallest eartips; then try the other sizes for the best fit. There is a video for this. See this link

I’ve broken my earhooks, I’ve lost my Concha rings, I need more ear tips
All of these are available in our iSINE replacement accessories package for $25 (part #ACC-1075-KT)

I’ve lost/damaged my carrying case and/or foam insert for my iSINEs.
No problem. Order part #CSE-1020-KT for a replacement.

Are the 2 pin connectors standard?
Yes, the spacing is standard, but note they are keyed to right and left channels. They are NOT designed for repeated plugging and unplugging.

Can I use Comply (or other brand) foam eartips?
Yes, they will fit, but we prefer you do NOT use them, as they will reduce some midrange response and make the iSINEs sound a little darker.

Can I plug my iSINEs into my external headphone amplifier?
Absolutely – and they will sound even better with an external amp.

Are custom fit versions available?
Not at this time, but we are hoping to offer custom fit solutions for Summer 2017.

When will the LCD-i3 be available, and what are the differences?
We are hoping to deliver the LCD-i3 around April of 2017. The construction is metal – magnesium & aluminum. The driver is completely different than the iSINE 10 & 20. Instead, it is really a version of our $4,000 LCD4 drive


Audeze iSine 20

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