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Vienna Kiss

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Precio pareja de altavoces (no incluidos pies de suelo) Pies de suelo, precio pareja: 1390 € Altavoz de estanteria. 3 vias, puerto reflex trasero, 4 ohmios. Varios acabados.Este producto debe ir sobre soportes de suelo de su propia serie.
KLIMT SERIES - The Kiss "To the age its art, to art its freedom" With these few words elegantly crafted and prominently presented above the entry of the famous Secession located within Vienna´s city center, the beginning of Jugendstil was begun in 1897. The Jugendstil was no dogmatic federation espousing artistic rights and wrongs; rather, this was a group of forward thinkers exploring new departures and destinations in creation. At their foundation was the urging of every persuasion including architecture, painting and music all combining together for the sake of progression. As the art movement´s most significant contributor and father, Gustav Klimt has been forever immortalized into the art fabric that is Vienna. Passion, skill, innovation and harmony are all words that evoke Klimt and his art. It is with this foundation that The Klimt Series was born and presented here, our newest release paying homage to his masterpiece, Der Kuss. Revolution - Form Follows Function Following the introduction of the flagship of our The Klimt Series™, The Music, we present the smaller, yet no compromise model, The Kiss. As its larger sibling, The Kiss is based on the same revolutionary and patented Flat- Spider-Cone™ coincident driver system. This new design is able to produce the Platonic ideal of the entire critical seven octave human vocal range and beyond in a single, phase coherent time plain without any of the normal horn loading and compression present in most conventional designs. Not only does this technical innovation free the sound of virtually all mechanical interference, it also allows for great placement freedom that is normally not experienced nor expected with a reference speaker system. As with art, time and space are not frozen into a predetermined static point. Instead, "To the age its art, to art its freedom." Vienna Acoustics - The Art of Natural Sound™ Technical Data System Type 3-way stand-mounted system, employing integrated subwoofer Frequence Response 38Hz - 20kHz Bass Driver 23cm Patented Vienna Acoustics Spider-Cone Midrange - Tweeter Coincident 18cm Patented Vienna Acoustics Flat-Spider-Cone midrange with 2.5cm hand crafted neodymium center vented silk dome tweeter Sensitivity 89db Impedance 4? Recommended Power 50 - 180 watts Speaker Weight 43kg / 95lbs each Speaker
Dimensions (WxHxD) 273mm/10.75" x 540mm/21.3" x 540mm/21.3" each Stand Weight 23kg / 50lbs each
Stand Dimensions (WxHxD) 273mm/10.75" x 730mm/29" x 530mm/21" (including spikes) each
Speakers available in Sapeli (as pictured) and Piano Black Lacquer
Vienna Kiss

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