Vienna Acoustics Schoenberg

Vienna Acoustics Schoenberg

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This complementary driver technology is perfectly supported by the stunningly shaped cabinet of SCHÖNBERG; a thoroughly thought-through masterpiece lacking parallel walls, to avoid internal standing waves, of remarkable rigidity, curved to optimize both stiffness and resonance control, so vital for natural sound. Self-evident is SCHÖNBERG’S precisely CNC machined surfaces, finished with the highest grade bead-blasting and transparent anodizing. SCHÖNBERG’S adjustable four-point, spiked stand provides for perfect decoupling and stability; designed and developed for placing the speaker close to the wall for optimum performance and convenience. SCHÖNBERG perfectly spans the sonic requirements for high-end two-channel systems, as well as the most sophisticated home theaters, while gracefully integrating into any listening room. Each detail of musical presentation is an illustration of our commitment to audio performance bettered only by the live experience.

System Type: 2-way system
Cabinet:  Bass reflex
Frequency Response: 44Hz ­ 25kHz
Mid-Woofer: 2 x 6” transparent XPP cone
Tweeter: 3-magnet Neodymium
VA ventilated chamber Shielding: 100%
Sensitivity: 91dB
Impedance: 4 ohms, nominal
Recommended Power: 30-200W, without clipping
Weight per Speaker: 30 lbs.

Dimensiones(WxHxD): 268x1050x90mm

Vienna Acoustics Schoenberg

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