Triangle Esprit Voce EZ

Triangle Esprit Voce EZ

Triangle Esprit Voce EZ - Altavoz central de 2 vías | Sensibilidad 91dB | Impedancia 8 Ohm

Disponible en color Nogal, Negro Lacado y Blanco Lacado


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Altavoz central Triangle Esprit Voce EZ disponible en color Nogal, Negro Lacado y Blanco Lacado

Altavoz canal central de 2 vías,
Sensibilidad 91dB,
Impedancia 8 Ohm
Respuesta en frecuencia de 60Hz a 22Khz.
Potencia admisible 80W.
Peso 9,5Kg.
Ancho 510 x Alto 168 x Fondo 290 mm

Even after 20 years of development, TRIANGLE still constantly seeks to improve with the goal of developing and building speakers, which combines a high degree of musicality with an affordable price. The ESPRIT EZ SERIES have a lively and dynamic sound that draws the listener into the music and the listening experience. This year, rediscover your first musical sensations and be taken away by the newest ESPRIT range: the EZ SERIES

In 2014, the ESPRIT range returns with a modern and sleek design as part of the quest for simplicity and purity of sound. The drivers are highlighted by aluminium trims with no visible screws. The speaker sits on a glass pedestal, with adaptable spikes that eliminate unwanted vibrations and thereby improves the listening experience. The speakers’ elegance make them blend perfectly into their surroundings, bringing out all the intensity of the music.

Music at its natural state
The latest ESPRIT creation features a major breakthrough in mid-range driver technology, which creates an astonishing delivery of sound. The mid-range driver, the key element of loudspeaker, reproduces the frequencies most audible to the human ear especially the lead vocal of your favourite tracks.

Natural cellulose Mid Range
A new cone, constructed of natural cellulose, has been exclusively developed to reduce weight and increase rigidity. The membrane's purity brings extra life and dynamics to the ESPRIT's sound signature.

Horn Tweeter: a unique object
The tweeter combines a titanium dome with a compression chamber and the result is high sensitivity with minimal distortion and excellent focus

Fiberglass membrane on woofers
Magellan research program revealed that fiberglass cone has excellent results in low midrange frequencies. These researches are applied now on all Esprit Ez floorstander with fiberglass membrane woofers. The bass are clean and neat which gives more transparency and details to mid-Range.

A High End biding Post
A new generation of biding post has been developed. Built with High quality copper alloy they provide an excellent conductivity. They accommodate a 5 mm diameter cable and receive banana plugs with locking system for excellent security

TZ2500B Tweeter with titanium dome
A Midrange driver membrane made of natural cellulose
Woofers with fibreglass membranes
Glass pedestal mounted with spikes or rubber pads

Triangle Esprit Voce EZ


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