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Delivering breathtaking scope for creativity, consummate clarity and a world first in terms of its Effect Frequency Filter, the DJM-700 is dramatically different.
The 4-channel mixer inherits the sound quality of the DJM-800 and DJM-1000, it also includes some key features including MIDI connectivity, 49 assignables, cutting edge digital effects and a filter on pre-out so you can filter the effects.
Boasting 32-bit DSP [Digital Signal Processing] , 13 beat effects and enhanced roll sampler in what is an extremely familiar format for DJs, this new kit on the
block is definitely in a class of its own .
With an industry-standard size and layout and a dual shield structure that eliminates digital noise, the new DJM-700 is both robust and reliable.
Setting a new industry standard for quality mid-market mixers, the DJM-700 allows DJs to transmit unique musical flows using a formidable range of features.
Designed to impress in bar, club and studio spaces alike the DJM-700 is set to have a wide appeal.
  • Efectos de ritmo 13
  • No. de Canales 4
  • Canales de EQ 3-bandas
  • Rango de EQ –26db ~ +6db
  • Curva del Fader 2 Curvas
  • Level Meter Type Individual
  • Longitud de Fader 15 Segmento
  • Entrada CD/LINE (RCA) 5
  • PHONO (RCA) 3
  • MIC (XLR) 1
  • MIC (Jack) 1
  • RETORNO (Jack) 1
  • Master (XLR) 1
  • Master (RCA) 1
  • Booth (RCA) 1
  • Rec (RCA) 1
  • Salida digital (coaxial) 1 x (SP/DIF) (48kHz ó 96kHz)
  • ENVIO (Jack) 1
  • Booth Monitor Si
  • Booth Monitor EQ Si
  • Equilibrio principal Sí
  • Interruptor estéreo/mono Sí
  • Frequency Filter Sí
  • Longitud de Fader 15 Segmentos
  • Atenuador de Salida Master Sí
Cross Fader
  • Tipo de Cross Fader Rail de Carbono
  • Curva del Fader 3
  • Asignable Si
  • Reemplazable por campo Sí
  • Auto BPM Counter Sí
  • Effect Frequency Filter Si
  • Effect Level & Depth Volume Sí
  • Reloj mundial MIDI Sí
  • Girar hacia abajo Sí
  • Girar hacia arriba Sí
  • Girar sampler (hacia adelante) Sí
  • Girar sampler (hacia atrás) Sí
  • Conexión Mic XLR x 1, Phone x 1
  • Mic EQ 2 bandas
  • Rango de EQ Mic -12 ~ +12 dB
  • Talkover Conmutador de 3 Posiciones
Midi Info
  • Controles asignables 49
  • Salida MIDI (DIN) 1
  • Encendido/apagado de MIDI Sí
  • Inicio/detención de MIDI Sí
  • Dimensiones (an. x al. x pr.) 320 x 107.9 x 378.4 mm
  • Peso 6,6 kg
  • Consumo 33 Wat
  • Relación SN: Línea 104 dB
  • Relación SN: Audio 94 dB
  • Relación SN: Mic 82 dB
  • Distorsión Armónica 0.005%
  • Crosstalk: Línea 82 dB dB
Pioner DJM-700 - 01

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