Amplificador Pathos Classic REMIX

Pathos classic REMIX

amplficador a válvulas en clase A/B 70 Watios

DAC opcional por 550 €  con entradas USB-A, optica, coaxial, ethernet, USB B 


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Pathos Classic REMIX

The Pathos Laboratories have worked hard to ensure that the new ClassicRemix had all the technology needed to achieve the goal that the company had set for this device, namely: high sonic performance, excellent management of the digital musical files, a high quality listening with headphones.

SOUND PERFORMANCE : to reach this goal, the company has used first of all the twenty years of experience in hybrid amplifications. By starting from this wealth of knowledge and experience, Pathos has subsequently refined every aspect of the circuitry (as clean as possible) and has made a careful selection of components that must meet the requirements of the highest quality and musicality. Classic Remix project The result is then a hybrid device, Class A / B, with a fully balanced circuit and capable of providing a power of 70 + 70W (prudential). The preamp section has been realized around a pair of valves Electro Harmonix ECC88 - 6922 (double triodes) in a differential configuration that is one tube per channel in order to realize the first signal amplification while maintaining the balanced configuration and in such a way that an unbalanced input signal can be converted into a balanced signal. As a further demonstration of the care in design and construction that Pathos wanted to put in this new integrated, deserve special mention the oversized laminated transformer from 240VA developed in partnership with a major supplier and deputy to fuel the final section through stabilization, bridge rectifier and capacitors with filtering of more than 45k-uF, input selectors to switching of mechanical relays watertight specially designed for field audio with internal contact and sealed under vacuum to prevent oxidation and finally the ability to adjust and store the listening volume of each entrance. The company is proud of not having left nothing to chance and safe in doing so to satisfy the most demanding audiophiles.

MANAGMENT OF DIGITAL MUSIC FILES : the versatility of the digital world is made possible by a built-in high quality converter (DAC specially designed for ClassicRemix - optional) and a rich set of digital connections. HiDac is the result of significant know-how accumulated by Pathos in the design and implementation of digital converters for the cd-players Endorphin and Digit, in the Converto project and in previous versions of HiDac created to be included within the amplifiers Logos, Ethos and InpolRemix. As integration of this conversion board there are numerous digital connections on the rear of the amplifier which put in communication the HiDac with the outside world, in fact there is a SPDIF, a SPDIF Optical (Toslink), a USB Type "B", and an Ethernet two USB Type "A" (one on front and one on the back). Pathos in this regard has made an important choice has created an open architecture that can meet any customer requirement, indeed the ClassicRemix is available without internal converter, or equipped with the current HiDac but at the same time it is ready to receive future technological developments (and new features) of digital boards that will be and on which Pathos Laboratories are already working. For this already now in the machine is a standard equipment a so wide envelope of digital connections and is present a special interior lay-out.
Classic Remix project

LISTENING BY HEADPHONES : usually an integrated amplifier that offers the possibility of listening with headphones makes use of cost-effective solutions and compromises. It is not the case of ClassicRemix, here the company from the planning stage has set itself the goal to achieve very high listening performance to levels comparable to those of a dedicated amplifier. Hence the choice to realize a real amplifier in the amplifier with dedicated and strong power supply, a fully balanced circuit which exploits the signal coming from the valves preamplifier section of the ClassicRemix which in turn ensures a low noise, a large range dynamic (120db) and cleaning listening. Completing the picture a large bandwidth and a generous output power (greater than 2W of 32 Ohm) that allows easy and happy pairings with most of the high-quality headphones that there are on the market. Pathos is sure for even the most demanding lover of listening through headphones he will be positively surprised and did not feel the need for another device.

DESIGN : The obsessive search for a common thread between industrial design, functionality, aesthetics and beauty is a value that Pathos has in his DNA since birth and the Pathos Twin Towers, his first device, is one example. Here then is that the designer has created a play of contrasting volumes, alternating full and empty spaces, taut lines and clean as opposed to elements strongly characterized, a sort of mixture of balanced proportions and high-tech materials, the all bounded by the iconic aluminum heat sinks, bearing serially the logo Pathos. Other functional elements like the volume knob and cages to protect the valves are the result of evolution that Pathos wanted to give toward a more contemporary style of some iconic elements typical of the audio world, in any case never sterile forms and self-celebratory but always genuine expression of their function and suitable to fit in a listening room always in a harmonious but distinctive way, because device, space, and listener can find in a more natural and spontaneous way as possible a balance that involving multiple senses, for a fuller and more rewarding experience. But this, according to the factory, it is also a way to bring the great Pathos sound to a increasingly wide audience and so also to those who simply love the Music and the beauty.

While being ClassicRemix a highly innovative project, in terms of pure sound quality, the amplifier perfectly reflects the tradition of the house: not special effects or objectionable colorations to attract hasty listeners, but only great respect for the Music. Pathos Acoustics is fully satisfied with the result: a complete sound in all parameters, a wide soundstage with width and depth, correct tone, sense of rhythm, energy beyond of all expectations, low frequencies extended and natural but never out of control, detail and airiness that they live together in harmony and never listening fatigue. ClassicRemix is a real ”musical machine” that invites us to rediscover with renewed pleasure and enthusiasm our collection.

- matt black metallic
- lacquered white
- lacquered black
- lacquered red
- natural zebrano wood

Type Integrated stereo amplifier, fully balanced, Hybrid technology.
Preamplifier stage: Tube (2x6922 ECC88)
Final stage: solid stade, bridge mode, class AB
Output Power 2x70WRMS@8 Ω (Both channel driven)
Frequency response 1,5Hz - 200KHz ± 0,5dB
Max input voltage 4,25VRMS
Input sensitivity 500mVRMS
Input impedance 47KOhm
Output polarity Non- inverting. Balanced pin 2 +
Volume regulator 2 x Burr Brown PGA2310 (180 steps 0,5dB)
THD 0,025% @ 70W
S/N Ratio > 100dB
Power requirements 250W@70WPC / 100W@zero volume / < 0,5W@standby

Connections :
Analogue inputs 1 balanced XRL line, 4 unbalanced RCA line
Digital inputs 1 USB port type "B", 1 SPDIF coaxial, 1 SPDIF optical
1 Ethernet RJ45, 2 USB port type ”A”
Outputs 1 Pre out stereo line
1 connector for jack headphone 6,3mm
HiDac Specifications :
Sampling frequency 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192kHz
Resolution: 16 to 24 bits
Minimal requirements 1.3GHz CPU clock, 1GB RAM
USB requirements 2.0 USB port
Headpone Specifications :
Output power 1,6W @ 32 Ω
Output impedance 10 Ω
Max output level 10 V RMS
Frequency response 1,5Hz - 200KHz ± 0,5dB
THD 0,025%
Dimensions :
Amplifier 370mm (D) x 280mm (W) x 170mm (H)
Packed 490mm (D) x 430mm (W) x 300mm (H)
Weight (net / packed) 14Kg / 17,5 Kg

En el vídeo, el modelo que aparece con el DAC integrado

Pathos classic REMIX

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