Heco New Phalanx 203 F Subwoofer

Heco New Phalanx 203 F

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  • Heco New Phalanx 203 F Subwoofer
    Posición VERTICAL / HORIZONTAL / COLGADO EN LA PARED. Subwoofer autoamplifiado con posiblidad de ser utilizado en orizontal o vertical. Woofer 200mm. Sistema Bass Reflex, Potencia RMS 120W Máximo 220W, Respuesta de frecuencia, 50Hz-150Hz.

    Dimensiones 380 x 160 x 480 (mm)
    Blanco o Negro  

    Active subwoofer with innovative enclosure concept and high performance capacity
    The New Phalanx 203 F is the master of flexibility in Heco´s powerfully efficient subwoofer portfolio. The already proven virtues of the New Phalanx range are complemented by a particularly flat and innovative enclosure concept. The active compact subwoofer can be positioned horizontally or vertically and is only 16 cm high in the horizontal position. Demanding aesthetes simply hide the subwoofer, which is available in black or white, under or behind an item of furniture – and the New Phalanx 203 F can even be hung on the wall. Such a high degree of flexibility often goes hand in hand with limited acoustic performance - but not with the New Phalanx 203 F. The entire New Phalanx technology is packed inside the compact enclosure of the 203 F, guaranteeing powerful bass reproduction for demanding applications with a discreet design at the same time.

    Crossover frequencies
    50 - 150 Hz adjustable

    standby power consumption
    < 0.5 Watts

    9 kg

    Active SPL equalization
    Real-time Limiter
    High-performance Class-D power amplifier

    Heco New Phalanx 203 F

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