Dynaudio Emit M30

Dynaudio M30

Altavoz de suelo de 2 vías y 3 altavoces | Tweeter de 28 mm | Woofers de 170 mm | Frecuencia de respuesta: 40 Hz – 23 kHz | Sensibilidad: 86 dB | Impedancia nominal: 4 ohms | Potencia máxima: 200 W | Color Blanco o  Negro

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Dynaudio Emit M30 Altavoces
Altavoz de suelo de 2 vías y 3 altavoces.
Tweeter de 28 mm
Woofers de 170 mm
Frecuencia de respuesta: 40 Hz – 23 kHz
Sensibilidad: 86 dB
Impedancia nominal: 4 ohms
Potencia máxima: 200 W
Peso: 18 kg
Dimensiones (ancho x alto x fondo): 204 x 960 x 275 mm. 

The new Dynaudio Emit series is the latest model range from Dynaudio, and was conceived as an entry-level high-end loudspeaker series that incorporates an extraordinary level of technical innovation and performance capabilities in an attractive package that is suitable to most any level of amplification. The high-value Emit models are equally conducive to Hi-Fi or home theater system applications, and the speakers are relatively easy to drive and not at all difficult to position. Comprised of loudspeakers with relatively modest price points but exceptional performance capabilities, the Emit models realise a level of performance and value that is without peer in their respective price class.

Advanced Dynaudio driver technologies coupled with Dynaudio’s renowned Danish craftsmanship highlight the new Emit series. As is typical of Dynaudio, each Emit model features drivers designed solely for the purpose of optimised performance within the constraints of the model’s particular application, thereby enabling a level of performance that is unrivalled in its category. From an aesthetic standpoint, the Emit models exhibit simply elegant Danish design and exceptional Dynaudio build quality, while sonically they deliver incredible dynamics, extremely high levels of transparency and detail, and very powerful bass extension. Imaging and sound-staging capabilities are also exceptional, and the sonic cohesion between the various models in the series ensures perfectly homogenous multi-channel system integration.


Dynaudio M30

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